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God really has worked in my life according to His plans. He worked in ways I did not expect. God used all experiences and situation to reveal Himself and for me to know His plan is perfect. He even used people to make clear His message to me. Thank God for the right people He brought into my life to help me see the light.
As far as I can remember, I started attending Hope for the Island Kid’s Ministry when I was around 5 or 6 yrs. old. I was so young.

All I remember that time is that there are these strangers who wanted to befriend us and told us some amazing Bible stories. At first I had no idea why these new people came to share each week. I always attended because my playmates were also there. Almost all the kids in our village would go and I followed. I had so much fun and was very curious what would happen each time they came. I was very excited when I was able to move from the kids into the Youth Ministry!

It turned out that my time in Youth would be the most amazing years of my life. Every Friday night I was able to spend it with other youth who also want to know more about God. Every Friday I always told myself that this day will be for God alone. I did not want to follow my other classmates to parties because I can see they did not have peace or joy.

Honestly speaking if Hope for the Island did not provide a place for me to encounter God I wouldn’t be where I am now. I would have become like so many teens that ended up suffering consequence of following sinful life. I can remember so clearly May of 2009. It’s the time where I made the decision to put my trust in and follow Jesus! I accepted what He did for me as my Lord and Savior.

Shortly after I also had desire to be a part of serving the kids in my community and became one of the volunteer assistants at Hope for the Island. That was truly one of the best experiences that really brought a great impact in my life and gave me God’s heart for others.
Now I am in college pursuing God’s plan for my future. At Hope I learned that despite hardships around me God will do something great in my life if I obey and follow Him. I still have a long way to go in my relationship with God, but amidst the busyness of college pressure, I have held to what I learned in the past. I am still living with it and will continue living with it! God’s word is my armor and shield wherever I go. He guides my every step!

The foundation I have from my time at Hope for the Island opened a door for me to become a full-time GK Volunteer. I work with various communities all over Bukidnon province in order to impart the culture of caring & sharing. I teach the Lumad youth in various parts of Bukidnon who have difficult access to proper education being too far away from the cities. I enjoy helping with organizations that train and educate struggling youth. I enjoy mentoring them to be future leaders. I am able to teach them that trusting God and hard work gives way for God to fulfill His great plans.

There is nothing better than knowing God and being in a personal relationship with Jesus. Having God in your life means we share in His passions, serve as He served and help the poor and needy. God always provides a way for us to fulfill His purposes. The choice is ours but as a Christian it’s our call and responsibility to care for others. It’s our responsibility to help lead others to Jesus who alone saves. God is my reason for everything. Without Him, everything would be meaningless.

Thank you to all who have and continue to support and pray for Hope for the Island. My life was changed because of you.

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I am glad to share with you my life journey with our Lord. My name is Gonzalo O. Monter, Jr. I usually go by nickname JR. I am 23 years old and currently, I am an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) working as a teller in a financial institution here in Doha, Qatar. I am enjoying the gift of life that God has given to me. I have so many things to share with you about my life and it will be exciting because it’s not about me but more about God.

At an early age, I heard about who God is since my family is religious. It is still vivid on my mind when Hope for the Island started in the year 2001. Missionaries from a different country came to live and volunteer their lives. I actively joined the ministry for kids and continued in my teenage years. There were some hindrances for attending due to religious issues being brought up by people It didn’t stop me to continue because I am learning about Jesus.
To be involved in the HOPE helped me a lot. I learned and come to know Jesus and the real purpose of my life in this world and what will be our life after death. Read more…

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Every once and a while we are blessed to get feedback and testimonies from those God allows us to minister to. Below is an unedited testimony shared by a woman who is dear to our heart.


My name is Marlyn Espanto, a single parent of 7 children.Year 2004 when my husband decided to work in Manila because life is hard here in the province. Since the time he left he never came back for us again. Later on I found out that he is already living in with another woman and never even thought of us, his family.
I don’t know what to do, having to feed 5 children under me since my eldest is already married and is living in another city, and the other one is a working student in Manila also. I started harboring hatred in my heart and then I started to learn how to drink, then neglecting my own kids as well.
One day I just noticed that Joe one of my sons is always not at home during Saturdays. I usually scold him even spank him. One time tried to look for him and to my surprise I found him here at Hope for the Island. I saw him listening to the words of God together with the other kids and led by a staff from Hope.
I cannot spank him nor scold him since then because for the first time again in a long time I have seen my son happy with all the smiles and coming home telling us even his other siblings all that he is learning. And his younger siblings taking so much interest as well. It became a joy in my heart hearing my children having those times of stories, and then I realized that I cannot guide them just by myself, so why not let God work out in the hearts of my kids through the Hope kids Bible study and snack times.

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I have been passionate about Hope for the Island since my first visit in 2003. After marrying my husband, Shawn, in 2008 I talked about it enough to convince him to take a look for himself. In 2009 the two of us traveled to the Philippines for 3 weeks. Shawn is passionate about surfing and was delighted to surf with the local guys and even with Derek. I believe he was in the water so often that his neck needed some serious chiropractic work when we got home! His passion for Hope for the Island was ignited and we were now stronger together.

When we returned home we had a group of friends and family over to talk about our trip and some needs of the ministry there. A generous friend was able to buy a new truck for Hope for the Island and others have become very committed to helping us ship boxes of supplies. My husband was never very excited about shipping food, school supplies or other necessities. His heart was still with the surfers and he wanted to find a way to pour into them.

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Our Hope for the Island friends often take the time to write us an encouraging note or email along with their donation.

We always appreciate the time you take to send us your thoughts on your journey of faith. Here is a sample of how we get blessed when you communicate with us.

Elaine Van Ryckeghem
Hope for the Island Canada

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My name is Makana and this is my testimony. When I was in my mother’s womb, my mom and dad moved to the Philippines. My parents were building the mission house and this flu was going around. My dad was working really hard and his body got too tired. He got a bad disease called M.R.S.A, which is the worst form of staff infection. My dad had boils all over and he was really skinny. My mom and dad felt they should go back to Canada for my delivery and also to get better care for my dad.

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Hi my name is Kenneth.  I’m a local surfer from the town of Burgos.  I have a broken family.  My mother and father both left me when I was young.  I grew up with my grandma.  Being abandoned made me angry and confused.  When I turned 15 years old I got into alcohol and drugs as a way to forget what my parents did to me.  It helped for a while to push away my pain and have fun but I still felt empty inside and longed for more.  I never knew what love was because it was never taught or shown to me.  Whenever I see a child who has parents and a good family I feel jealous and makes me hurt.  When I was 20 years old I attended the youth ministry at Hope for the Island just for fun.  I listen to what they are sharing but not get too close to anyone.  I just attend to have fun and joke around.  Then Hope for the Island had visitors from Hawaii.  All the youth were invited to attend for a camp and games.  There is one guy on the team that spend time with us.  He asked me if I knew that Jesus loved me.  I just looked at him but didn’t answer because I didn’t know what to say or what that means. 

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I am Jennifer David but everyone calls me “Jing”. I’ve been working at Hope for the Island for over nine years already. I was part of pioneering the ministry of HOPE. Back then life was very hard and not really enjoyable. Being the very first worker was challenging physically, emotionally and spiritually. Learning to work with foreigners (Derek and Jenn) was a new experience for me. Also there were so many attacks as we tried to open the Word of God in a place with many spiritual strongholds. In those days I thought I would not make it.

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As a child I attended the Kid’s Ministry at Hope for the Island.  I won’t forget the time when Kuya Derek and Ate Jenn came here in my town of Burgos.  I would always watch them from a far and follow them.  Slowly I have more courage to approach them.  It is not an accident that God allowed me to meet them.  God has a plan in it all.  Even when I am 14 years old I attend Kids Ministry. I am not shy to attend even though I am the oldest.  I started to assist with the other kids before there was an assistant program.

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I  am grateful to God for His hand in my life.  When I was only 7 years old my parents left me with my grandparents.  It is very hard time to accept my parents leaving especially hard because I was treated badly.  The older I got the worse things became.  Then my grandma died.  Even though she is harsh with me I still loved her and missed her when she pass away.  People in the village told me that it is my fault that she died.  I felt so sad and all alone and even the comfort I expected from my aunty and friends wasn’t there because they also say I am to blame.  I really didn’t understand why but it affected me so much.

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