Nermilyn Oraba

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Nermilyn Oraba (Nerm) is a special part of our HOPE family. She grew up in our Kids and Youth Ministry. Nerm, like most of our staff, now lovingly cares for, mentors and leads kids and youth from similar situations to hope found in knowing Jesus!

It has been our goal over the last few years to send out staff from our little island for additional schooling and equipping. Nerm was the third staff member we have sent to YWAM (Youth With A Mission.)

DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM offers 5 months of growing deeper with God during lecture. That is followed by 3 months of outreach exposure to other nations to apply all that has been learned.

Growing up in a small island, most people do not venture anywhere beyond some neighboring islands.

Nerm’s experiences will be carried with her for a lifetime. She will bear more fruit as she continues to serve and share Jesus’ love back at HOPE. Here is her story…

From Nerm’s heart:

I am thankful to God for the opportunity that He has given me to go through YWAM’s discipleship training school (DTS). Wow amazing! God really changed my life!!!

God used each circumstance, relationship and teaching to mold me. I thought to myself before going, that I am already in ministry and not sure if I will push through with plans to take a break from HOPE for training in YWAM. I was wrong and am so happy God opened those doors for me!

I thought I had it all together and was free, but God gently revealed my brokenness and hidden areas of unforgiveness. My spiritual eyes were really open to the truth of God’s Word and condition of my heart.

God challenged me to be vulnerable with Him and to release everything. I was surprised by the hurts, hatred, jealousy and self-pity that still affected my life. Although I went through trainings and heart healing times with God in the past, I didn’t really deal with the root.

God’s presence was so real as I walked through this. I deeply wept, repented and was released from the bondage that comes by holding on. It was really God’s timing for me to encounter His fresh love and grace and find freedom that comes through Jesus alone.

I learned to be thankful in every aspect of my life. I also gained confidence in who I am in Christ and not to justify my shyness. This was especially true in spreading the good news of the Gospel in challenging environments. God put a confident boldness in me. I really experienced it during our outreach to other nations. I’m blessed that our team was able to go to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. We taught English, served and loved others.

These travels and experiences were very new for me. As the nerves started rising, God spoke to me again. He said, “Don’t depend on yourself. Depend on me alone!” Outreach was the time that I was able to apply everything that God had been leading me through during the lecture phase. He gave me boldness to step out in faith and share His love in many places. The Holy Spirit was promised as my helper and He worked in and through me.



This season of my life was a great privilege and a life changer. Thank you God for my Hope for the Island family who  supported this time for my training and equipping. May the Lord continue to bless our lives so we can be a blessing!


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