From Cristina: Hope for the Island Staff

I would like to report what is happening for me in Cagayan de Oro. Although Kuya Derek’s family is no longer living here with me, I praise and thank God for His favour and grace. He has worked through all the transitions in ministry at Hope for the Island and in my life as well.

It is different living alone without the Van Ryckeghem family, but I know that God is with me. God always has a reason for how He works.

I am also thankful for the knowledge and wisdom that God has given me even though we are loaded down as Social Work students.

I am thankful that I passed the preliminary examination with the second highest score! I was also elected Secretary for the Junior Social Worker Association of the Philippines. All glory; honour and praises belong to God.

Please keep me in your prayers. I miss you all but it is not about me but my Abba Father.

Thank you

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Jesus Fiesta:

Many villagers came from all over. The highlight for me was one particular lady. She approached me and asked if we had a Bible to give to her. One soul craving for God’s Word!

Treasure Hunt:

Along with the Singapore team we had a treasure hunt. We told the people they should first ask God for His treasures.

There was a lady on the beach. She was watching her son swim. We told her we believed that God wanted us to pray for her. She smiled then cried. She shared that she was ready to give up. She was very depressed and needed someone to talk to, especially about spiritual things.

We encouraged her and prayed with both her and her son. Then she gave us some money to buy food even though we tried to give it back and she always said no. She was blessed by us and wanted to bless us as well.

2nd midterm outreach:

Using drama and actions songs, we did Kid’s ministry with the Finland team in Pardo, Sambag and Mananga. I overcame my shyness to share the kingdom of God.

Jail Ministry:

Even though nervous, we entered to see prisoners who were happy to see us.  We shared a skit that spoke to their lives. Prayer with them followed testimonies and preaching the Gospel.

I was so blessed as God reminded me that I was a prisoner of Satan who believed his lies and when I found God I experienced freedom.

Hospital Ministry:

We prayed for the sick people and shared the Gospel.

Final Update:

Personally I learned a lot how to depend and to trust God. We spread the Word of God to eight different locations. I thought I can’t do it to share the Gospel boldly in areas I haven’t been and to people I don’t know, but God gave me courage.

The more I share my testimony the more I become bolder and God taught me that I am called to express not to empress.

One of my highlights was when we were in Tacloban. Personally it’s my first time having a prayer walk for almost 8 hours and along the way we met different people. It really wasn’t an accident because some of them really need a prayer. There was one old lady walking in the street, she can’t talk normally and she was so dirty and smelly. Every one of us prayed for her and one of the staff asked for a nail cutter to cut her long nails and he poured the water on her nails and he started washing her feet without hesitation.

God really rebuked me because on my own I can’t do it because she’s really dirty and smelly. When her feet were washed it reminded me how Jesus came and served the people. I prayed for her and I hugged her while praying for her.

It was my first time doing jail ministry, radio ministry, campus ministry, hospital ministry and building houses.

When we had our house-to-house evangelism we met a Muslim guy. He was touched by God and responded in faith to Christ’s love and salvation!

I had a lot of highlights dancing in the different churches and singing in the street. I discovered new things about me. I’m not shy anymore when I share my testimony in front of people and act in dramas.

God gave me more passion for the kids, seniors and orphans. While seeking God and praying He revealed to me that MISSION is not just in YWAM for 6 months but mission is a lifestyle and you can do missions everywhere.

Going back to Hope for the Island, I want to change.  I will tell the staff what God has done in my life during my DTS (Discipleship Training School) I want to minister to the youth and kids. I want to serve like what Jesus did and walk in obedience. I will do my best to be a good example and carry what God did in my heart through this experience back at Hope for the Island.



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Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself unstained from the world. James 1:27

Nanay Angelita is one of the widows that Hope for the Island has the privilege to know and support! She has always suffered with ulcers. Her life has been affected a lot with pain. Her financial situation is not good. She always has to borrow money to go for check ups or to buy medicine.

Nanay is discouraged a lot because there doesn’t seem to be any improvement.  Each time we visit we pray for and encourage her to hold on to God because He is our best Healer.

We stand with her in faith for some change in her health. When we visited her a while back, she was smiling and really thankful to God. She said God had used Hope for the Island to show God’s love to her.

She said that the time we spend with her and how we care for her is a big help. When we asked about her ulcer pain she looked at us  with a big smile on her face and said, “I am so thankful to God because I feel very good and my ulcer pain is gone”.

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Click on the Link….

Sit back for 3:53 and enjoy…..

 “The Latest Glimpse of Hope”


THANK YOU to our friend Derick Sebastian from Hawaii for his gifting on the ukulele with a rendition of Hope for the Island.

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Learning about yourself and your true identity is the basic theme of the seminar we held at Hope called Plumbline. The Hope team has a desire to work with heart issues and issues that hold us back from fully surrendering to God. We had been blessed by a similar course with Pastor Duane Siemens from Canada and now once again the theme continued with Plumbline.

We all need to be willing to walk the same path as the people we minister to. Locals struggle with issues of self worth, unforgiveness and not knowing how to anchor on to their true identity in Christ.

We have had previous discipleship sessions discussing forgiveness and who we are in Christ. Jing really felt the need for the Hope staff to go deeper to their roots and so we participated in Plumbline. We knew there were still those who were being held back by their cultural customs or past hurts.

Sheila and Joy were great seminar leaders who came and not only led the teaching but also met and prayed with each staff one on one. Brian and Dennis from Canada and Ryan from Hawaii also participated while they were at Hope for the Island.

It was evident that the staff had been impacted when we spoke to them about their experience after the seminar. They were now pushing past their shyness and walking in freedom. Something new was stirred in their heart. We saw increased joy and fresh passion for teaching and discipling kids, youth and adults.

It was such a blessing as ambassadors for the Gospel, to have opportunity to participate in this seminar. Being filled up and checking your heart condition is vital for ministry. Fully submitting to God and His will for our lives not only changes us, but how we minister as well. Our serving becomes an overflow of what is already going in our own lives and heart.

We want to keep serving well!

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Following God’s call to make disciples has always been our priority at Hope for the Island. It is a beautiful thing to be a part of someone discovering and walking out his or her identity in Christ!

Recently our new junior staff shared with us their desire to be baptized. Persecution is always a reality here for those who turn to the Lord. Being baptized will increase the persecution. Family often views baptism as being initiated into a new religion and the ultimate rejection of a Catholic upbringing. Fear of rejection held some of our junior staff back from boldly entering the water.

After meditating on God’s Word, they felt the time was right for them to take a stand regardless of the outcome. A few days before the baptism they told their family about their decision to obey God’s Word and asked them to come bear witness.

God honored the desire of their hearts when many family members attended. It was a deeply emotional day. God’s presence was evident. Testimonies were shared, family members embraced them and joy radiated on the face of each staff that rose up out of the ocean where they were baptized.

Here are a few words from them…




I am thankful to God for changing my life. Through God’s love for me, I see His goodness in my life. Before my walk with Jesus was not faithful, but still His word is always reminding me that the man who does the will of God prospers and has true joy. I decided to be baptized because Jesus is my Lord and my faith in Him is 100%. I now walk in God’s presence and have joy serving Him. Only in Him I have this joy that is not found in the world. I thank God how He is growing me and making me a new creation. I am a new Ching now! My life in this world is temporary and I will surrender it for God alone. I’m praying always for His direction over my life together with my husband Jerry and my two kids. Through hardship and good times we will serve the Lord!



NOTE FROM DEREK: Before his baptism, Jerry asked forgiveness from his grandmother for the way his lifestyle hurt her before he turned to Jesus. It was a beautiful moment!

Each of those being baptized had similar heart felt and God led moments before they entered the water. What a great way to begin a day that represents their new life in Jesus!


Jerry asks forgiveness

Jerry asks forgiveness

Thank you Lord God for this opportunity that I will be baptized in you. At first when I don’t really know God, I did not give control

to Him. I was baptized during that time but did not understand what I was doing. During my time at Hope for the Island I have been growing. My heart changed and God work His amazing plan in my life. God answer my prayer and use Hope for the Island so that my wife and I can be married and not live in sin anymore. Today when I was baptized my faith is in God alone. I am thankful that my sins are washed away by Jesus and that I am a new life in Him. I commit my life to you Lord! Thank you for your patience with me.







I thank God for Oct 5! It is the day I obey God in baptism. I accept Christ with all my heart and surrender my life to Him. God answered my pray this day also because it is the first time my parents accept who I am in Christ. Before they don’t understand my faith. In Baptism I know more what Jesus accomplished for me. It is Christ who lives in me and I will serve Him and live for Him so others will also know Him more. To God be the glory and honor.




For so long I don’t understand what baptism is. I know God is important to me and I kept praying for more understanding. God answered that prayer and I desired so much to be baptized. Being baptized I really experience God’s presence and I get picture of how my sins are cleansed because of Jesus. I am happy that time because my mother came to show support and love. Even my father cannot attend I know He loves me. I am thankful for my parents and all those who are part of my life at Hope.


First I want to thank God for what He has done in my life, for His goodness and faithfulness! I am happy that I understand and have courage to be baptized even I am the only Christian in my family. My life is His and I am a new creation in Christ. This day is so special because it is the day I will remember the joy I experienced being baptized!


When I was 10 years old I was baptized so that I could be saved from hell. I was wrong and God spoke to me through a friend. Through faith in Jesus I am a new creation in Him. God increase the desire in my heart to be baptized. God had the right timing for it to be with other staff at Hope. It was also a special day because God touched my mother’s heart to witness my baptism. Even my father wont attend I have God’s joy.


I am happy with where my life is now. My home life was very hard and it led me to choose bad habits. Through Hope for the Island I accept Christ and grow in my faith. I love to meditate on His word. Being accepted here changed my life. I am thankful to Kuya Derek and Ate Jenn because they are the one who help me get back to the Lord. They treat me as their own daughter and send me to school so I can finish my studies. I am blessed because through them I know what is right in the Lord. Being baptized today makes me so happy and I thank God I am part of His family at Hope for the Island.