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From Jing:

As head teacher, I am very much grateful to God. He has always been our strength and our teacher and knows what is best for this ministry. He is always at work and we want to be sensitive in our response so as to see fruit and growth.

God reveals Himself in simple ways to children and they have grown to understand Him as a good Father that loves them. Parents testify how happy they are with our school. Students learn academics but also about Jesus, the name above all names.  Students are applying what they have learned at school in their homes. They are taking the lead giving thanks before even a simple meal at their house. They remind their parents what God’s Word says during trials. Their parents are proud of them and God is using them mightily! Some students live in an environment that is not Christ centred. One or both parents may not be Christians or may be new in their faith. Parents testify that when their children hear someone cursing or they witness their father drunk, their response now is to pray and repeat what they have learned from their teacher and God’s Word.

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I have been passionate about Hope for the Island since my first visit in 2003. After marrying my husband, Shawn, in 2008 I talked about it enough to convince him to take a look for himself. In 2009 the two of us traveled to the Philippines for 3 weeks. Shawn is passionate about surfing and was delighted to surf with the local guys and even with Derek. I believe he was in the water so often that his neck needed some serious chiropractic work when we got home! His passion for Hope for the Island was ignited and we were now stronger together.

When we returned home we had a group of friends and family over to talk about our trip and some needs of the ministry there. A generous friend was able to buy a new truck for Hope for the Island and others have become very committed to helping us ship boxes of supplies. My husband was never very excited about shipping food, school supplies or other necessities. His heart was still with the surfers and he wanted to find a way to pour into them.

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Our journey back to our home and ministry has not gone as planned. We arrived in Manila for what was to be a short stop over on our way to Siargao Island. We were met with heavy monsoon rains that hit Manila. The rain and wind did not let up and soon Manila was flooded. We are thankful we made it to our hotel before the flood waters rose.

Jenn and I remembered that many years before when we were newlyweds and had no children, we were also stranded in similar conditions. We had to wade through chest high disease filled waters to find safe ground and a route to transportation. We were fortunate to make it out safely, while many died from being sucked down open sewers.

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Our 5 months of travel within North America and living out of suitcases is coming to an end.  It has been an action packed trip filled with many emotions and experiences, all of which we thank God for.  Each step was met with God’s direction and provision.  As the days windup here, our family has been highly anticipating seeing our staff and getting back to life and ministry on Siargao Island. We did our final presentation of the trip recently in Langley, BC and we will fly home to the Philippines on August 16.

First things first … A BIG thank you to all of you who made our North American trip possible and fruitful.  We appreciate everyone who hosted us and generously supported the need for rebuilding a new mission house.  Our goal was $55,000 USD and God faithfully provided!!  Any excess funds that may come in will go towards building a storm bunker.  We don’t want to be vulnerable in the face of another super typhoon.  The plan is for demolition of the old mission house and new construction to start in the late fall.   Upon arriving home, we will be busy catching up, hosting new interns and mission teams, as well as training six new junior staff from within the surrounding community.

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Our Hope for the Island friends often take the time to write us an encouraging note or email along with their donation.

We always appreciate the time you take to send us your thoughts on your journey of faith. Here is a sample of how we get blessed when you communicate with us.

Elaine Van Ryckeghem
Hope for the Island Canada

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Lino is a 53 year old Christian man from Pacifico. He was a farmer for many years but is now so sick he is unable to work. He suffers with Schistosomiasis, heart burn and liver disease.

He is very thankful for the help he received from Hope for the Island. He told us that he would be admitted to the hospital in Surigao City for observation and would need medication.

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Jenny is from Australia and she visited Hope for the Island a few years ago as part of a team that brought water purification units.  She recently returned to visit and gave of herself in a new and exciting way for us!

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Sometimes there are stark reminders of the poverty and disease that surround us daily.  This story is one of those.  An elderly woman brought a 14 year old, 40 lb. boy named Mark Anthony to us with an advanced case of Schistosomiasis. He was orphaned as a baby when his parents died of the same disease.  Schistosomiasis, an often fatal  illness, results from infection of the blood with a parasitic flatworm that causes debilitation as well as liver and intestinal damage. It is most commonly found in Asia, Africa and South America, especially in areas with water that is contaminated with fresh water snails which contain the parasite.

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