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photo 32We mentioned JoyJoy in the recent blog you received from us. We couldn’t wait to give you the good news!

JoyJoy is a delightful young lady who has an incredible story of faith and trust in God. If you are new to this journey, please click on this link to see previous blogs.

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Our Hope for the Island team followed up with her at her home and reported the following:

Thank you Lord for what you are doing in JoyJoy’s life, you are so amazing and wonderful! A testimony from her mother testified that they have not lost hope and continue to trust for more miracles in their daughter’s life.

At the last follow up appointment with the doctor, He said the brain tumor is getting smaller! Her mother directly attributes this change and gives God glory for the prayers that Pastor Duane and his team from Harvest Church prayed over JoyJoy while visiting from Canada.

She is still having difficulty walking and will need to exercise daily because they believe she now has rheumatism. We believe God has heard our prayers and JoyJoy is in His hands.

We are so grateful to you for your prayers and continued encouragement for this family.

We love you JoyJoy!!!

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Joyjoy is a young lady who continues to inspire us. She could so easily be discouraged by her very trying trip that was 10 hours away by land and sea where she sought medical attention. The doctor who examined her made it clear to her and her family that Image_Newshe has no hope apart from surgery for a brain tumor.

JoyJoy and her parents did not have peace that surgery was the best option. She knows very well that her hope is set in the right place. Her hope is anchored in the one who gave her life and provides strength and joy to face each challenging day.

We are blessed and inspired daily by this young girl who has her eyes and heart fixed on Jesus. As you pray for her, also ask the Lord to stir in our heart this kind of faith, hope and love that is not dependent on circumstances.

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We apologize for the quality of these pictures sent from the hospital. The family is still in Cagayan de Oro where they travelled to seek medical care and a diagnosis. Our desire is to help you get a visual, as poor as it may be, of this precious young lady as she faces the fight of her life.

After speaking by telephone to JoyJoy’s mother and the doctor, we have some new information.  The MRI shows that the tumor is approximately 6cm on the right side of her brain.  To complicate matters, she has hydrocephalus, which is a build up of fluid deep within the brain. This is the cause of her blindness and impairs her ability to walk and function. Read more…

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JoyJoy is a 13 year old girl who is Makana’s friend. This young lady gave her life to Jesus a few months ago.  Her parents are Christians and live in Burgos.

JoyJoy recently started getting frequent headaches along with pain in her eyes and was vomiting. Her parents brought her to the doctor and heard the sad news that she had a brain tumor. They sought out a second opinion in a larger city and the diagnosis was confirmed. Her parents were faced with the challenge of coming up with 350,000 pesos, approximately $900 dollars, for an operation.

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