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Help us reach a new goal – 600 BAGS OF HOPE!!

Summer will soon draw to a close and we will look back on all the memories that were made.  With that goodbye to summer, you will say hello to September with the return to schedules and routine.

Part of that preparation is shopping for school supplies. We are asking you to consider those who will never have that opportunity but nonetheless have needs on a daily basis for such items. If each member of your family or workplace could put together one Bag of Hope we would be most grateful.

Your participation in our Bags of Hope has been such a blessing. We find the need for these blessing are increasing as God brings more and more children and families into our path. Each child or family that is blessed with a Bag of Hope is presented with the gospel and there is follow up with the family. It is incredible to watch as they realize all that is in the bag is truly theirs!

2 WAYS TO Bless a Child

  1. DONATE $30 per bag to cover contents & shipping.

Receive a tax receipt for each bag sponsored.

  1. SHOP & FILL YOUR OWN BAG – Click for contents org/bags-of-hope

No tax receipt issued.

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Thank you for how you have embraced Bags of Hope. Thanksgiving is upon us soon.

Read how Jesse from Winnipeg has challenged her family for the second year in a row in the following email:

Hi To all My Family,
I’m inviting you for our Thanksgiving Celebration. Let’s make it more meaningful.

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to our LORD for everything that He has done for us and all the trials He carried us though during this year.
Let’s not forget the true meaning of “Thanksgiving Day”

Over the years, we have gotten caught up in Holiday tradition and have completely forgotten what brought about the holiday celebration to begin with.
From time to time we all need to be reminded of the struggles for survival that we experienced.
But as a Christian let us not forget that there are people all over the world who are facing the same struggle, some people living in a hostile environment; starvation, death by disease, etc.
But, even through the worst of the worst, God is with us… We as an individual person need to reach out to the people today who are facing these struggles and show them that they too have much to give thanks for no matter what situation they are in.
We don’t have much, but let the small things make a wonderful experience. It would not only enlighten our kids about the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It would also remind all of us that this special celebration is more than just preparation of a large family meal.Last year during Thanks Giving Day we gave about 18 Bags of Hope instead of having a fancy dinner at the restaurant. Read more…