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Leaning HouseThis story is about a fiercely independent 76 yr. old widow who lives alone. Her humble home was leaning precariously on the side of a hill in the village of Burgos. Each typhoon that hit our area only made it worse.

When we approached Nanay Tanysa about tearing it down, she was concerned that she would have nowhere to go.

Under the umbrella of our Mercy Ministry, we supplied new and used materials to help make her home more stable. Family and neighbors tore it down and rebuilt on the other side of the road.

It may not look the way we would imagine, but we are learning that sometimes we have to put our western agendas aside and let locals lead the way.

We featured Nanay Tanysa in one of our recent blogs sporting her new donated sunglasses. These protect her eyes during long days of breaking large rocks into little pebbles with a hammer. It takes her two days to fill a bag that earns her 18 pesos or 50 cents =$7.50 month!

Our Mercy Ministry regularly calls on her to spend time praying and developing relationship. We supply her with dried veggies and rice to provide her the energy she needs for rock breaking.

Your donations help us have the resources in place to make decisions such as this. We are able to provide funding as God leads for a variety of needs. What a joy to see her smile and thank God. This simple blessing gave a sweet elderly lady the dignity and love that she deserves. We give God the glory for His provision.

The cost to bless this dear senior was about $100! THANK YOU!!!

Please take the time to click this link and view the 34 seconds of video. It begins with moving day for this independent lady, moves to the view inside her NEW home and finally she poses in the door of her NEW home.

My New House

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Thank you for how you have embraced Bags of Hope. Thanksgiving is upon us soon.

Read how Jesse from Winnipeg has challenged her family for the second year in a row in the following email:

Hi To all My Family,
I’m inviting you for our Thanksgiving Celebration. Let’s make it more meaningful.

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to our LORD for everything that He has done for us and all the trials He carried us though during this year.
Let’s not forget the true meaning of “Thanksgiving Day”

Over the years, we have gotten caught up in Holiday tradition and have completely forgotten what brought about the holiday celebration to begin with.
From time to time we all need to be reminded of the struggles for survival that we experienced.
But as a Christian let us not forget that there are people all over the world who are facing the same struggle, some people living in a hostile environment; starvation, death by disease, etc.
But, even through the worst of the worst, God is with us… We as an individual person need to reach out to the people today who are facing these struggles and show them that they too have much to give thanks for no matter what situation they are in.
We don’t have much, but let the small things make a wonderful experience. It would not only enlighten our kids about the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It would also remind all of us that this special celebration is more than just preparation of a large family meal.Last year during Thanks Giving Day we gave about 18 Bags of Hope instead of having a fancy dinner at the restaurant. Read more…

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The following is a testimony that was shared by Ching in her own words at our Hope for the Island Mothers’ Day ministry time.

Before I was a Christian, I know in my life there is God, but I don’t have faith in Him. I didn’t mind having God in my life. I lived a life that follows and does all that I want to do in my life. I don’t care about other people, and I don’t even care if I hurt other people and even my own family. In short, I used to live without Christ and I followed what my flesh want. With all of these deep in me I don’t have peace. Most of the times I don’t understand my life and anything happened in my life I blame God.

I thank God that He had given me a chance to know Hope for the Island and had a chance to join their ministry. Since I join Hope, that’s how I started hearing God’s word and learning the truth. They keep reminding me about the Word and letting me know that what God is looking is our heart if we have relationship with Him. By God’s help and having devotion everyday slowly I understand what is the truth and blaming God because of all things that happened to me is totally a mistake. There I found out that God never failed me, it was me who stays away from God. Those time I realized the reason I don’t have peace is because I don’t have a relationship with God. Having a relationship with God is the best thing that ever happened to my life.

One day I decided to be baptized knowing that my life is now own by God, no one pushed me to be
Now, I could say I’m a change person and now I am always on guard and being sensitive if I’ve done wrong or not. I could now sense the works of the Holy Spirit in me. And I am careful not to entertain the works and lies of satan.

I thank God for His love and forgiveness that I experienced. Now, I am experiencing the real joy and I have peace within me.
Picture cooking
I could say, there is no impossible with God, before I was a sinner now I am a renewed person. I am grateful for everything that God has done in my life and also with what He is doing now with me and with my family. I am happy serving God.

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National Bird- Philippine Eagle                                                         National Fish – Bangus

Caribao Cooling Off

Caribao Cooling Off

National Animal – Caribao


National Flag Consists of an 8 rayed sun- three golden stars- a red stripe & blue stripe- a white triangle
The white color represents peace & purity
The red stripe represents courage and bravery
The blue stripe is for noble ideals
The sun represents the beginning of a new era of self-determination
The 8 rays stand for the 8 provinces that rose in revolt against Spanish rule in the late 19th century.
The 3 stars stand for 3 principal geographic areas Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao
In wartime the red stripe will be on the top. In peacetime the blue stripe will be on top.

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We ship a variety of items from Canada to Hope for the Island as donations are given. Our giveaways in the western world are a treasure and blessing for others.

Precious seniors do the backbreaking work of hammering large rocks into golf ball sized stones that are used for construction projects. They earn 18 pesos (50 cents) per sack. Glasses such as those donated provide protection for their eyes from flying rock shards

The word got out quickly that reading glasses had arrived at Hope for the Island. Swarms of people came to Hope. They keep trying on glasses until they found a pair that worked for them.

Many can now read and expressed thanks to God! One woman was so thankful because she normally strains to read her Bible each day and can now read clearly.

As part of our Mercy Ministry, rice and dehydrated veggies provisions are also distributed weekly to the elderly, widows or those who are ill in the community surrounding Hope for the Island. These basic provisions are sometimes the only food they have to eat.

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We have had over 100 people minister alongside us this past year. Mission teams and individuals enjoy ministering to the kids and youth who come to Hope for the Island from surrounding communities.

Teaching new games and activities is always fun and a great way to connect with the locals. A visiting YWAM Mazatlan team decided to do things a little different. Instead of them teaching us games, we taught them a local game called Bakbak. The finale was a competition of kids versus the team. The only item needed to play is a pair of chinelas or flip-flops and an open area.


People here are amazingly resourceful. Kids will take what is available and develop a toy or game that can entertain for hours. Bakbak is one of many games passed on from one generation to the next. With the use of balance, technique, accuracy and strength, the team challenge is to be the first to work their way through twenty challenges.

Teamwork is essential and the Bakbak competition was a great way to introduce and celebrate local ingenuity. Kids generally have great balance and are very flexible. There was a lot of laughter as the team struggled and contorted to compete. The day ended with great worship and teaching sessions.

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1Kenneth is a young man that God brought into our family at a time when he was lost and very troubled. My relationship with Kenneth has been an amazing journey and one that allowed me to get a better grasp of the Father heart of God. I am blessed to see Ken confident and walking out his identity in Christ. Below is his testimony in his own words. I pray it inspires anyone who may feel like someone they love is beyond reach and they are losing hope.





I started working at Hope for the Island 2008. First year, 2nd year, 3rd year of work, I could say it’s a blessing working with Kuya Derek and Ate Jenn together with the other staff. They considered me as their family. I worked at Hope for the Island with no questions in my heart, I don’t even think of money. I worked as the maintenance of the property of Hope and driving the staff to the ministry areas.

Read more…

Donna is someone who visited Hope for the Island and has become very dear to us. I could not talk her into sending me her picture to share with you. We are grateful however, for her ability to share word pictures with us about her time there. Enjoy!

I visited Hope for the Island Ministries for about 10 days after having heard about it from a friend who had met Derek briefly at a church in Hawaii. My friend was so impressed by what Derek shared that she suggested I contact the ministry before I headed to the Philippines. I did so and was very blessed by my reception and visit there. Read more…

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Reflection from Michele:
On my third journey to Siargao and second to Hope for the Island, I rode with my big traveling back pack and balikbayan box on a motorbike, stopping on the side of the road filling up with gasoline measured out per liter via a glass Coca-cola bottle. It was nice to breathe the fresh air and see palm tree forests on my way to the Hope Organic farm, the beginning of a month-long stay with the Hope for the Island family. I was looking forward to a change from working in San Diego, California, in the medical field as a physician assistant and was excited to learn more about the area medical needs, surf some warm water waves with the locals and share the stoke of knowing Jesus Christ.
Earlier this year, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Derek, Jenn, Ate Let and all those at Hope for the Island as a return trip to Siargao to check out the Cloud 9 surf break. As part of the Christian Surfers family, our desire to serve comes along with our search for good surf.

Prior to flying out to Siargao, I had connected with the Van Ryckeghem family and they welcomed my mother, brother and me for a 3-day stay. We brought them some medicine and medical supplies. It was great seeing a glimpse of what Hope for the Island was doing for Burgos and the other areas in Siargao. After my short time there, I knew I would return and God definitely opened doors for me to do so and for one month!

Medically, I had the opportunity to help with the Hope for the Island’s Mercy Ministry and work alongside one of the local doctors at the town’s Rural Health Unit (RHU). I went out with Ate Let and a few of the other girls to visit some of the malnourished kids in Burgos and Del Carmen, We brought much needed food and hygiene supplies as well as some fun items. We also checked in with the local social workers to follow up on the progress of the children from when the Mercy Ministry began supplementing the child’s diet to the present. With the RHU, I worked with Doctora Rose, seeing the patients in town, treating common ailments and chronic medical conditions. I learned the country protocol for tuberculosis screening, work up and treatment and how to care for infections endemic to the area.
Surfing was a big plus to serving at Hope for the Island. Since there are no islands east of Siargao, it receives swell from the grand Pacific Ocean. Surfboards were available to use at Hope, allowing me to experience the local warm water swells. Just like any other surf spot, there were some big days and other not so big days. Derek was fond of the larger 4-5 foot swells, which I dared to venture out in, and on the smaller days I surfed with a few girls that work at Hope and from town. I would say that I absorbed a bit of the Burgos surf vibe, mellow and non-crowded, especially at Harpic, which I liked to call the “Hope surf spot”.

In the midst of the different ways that Hope for the Island is impacting Siargao is the desire to spread God’s love and teaching others how to do as Jesus did. Living with the girls at the newly built mission house provided me a unique experience of spending time with them between the many activities they did throughout the day. I enjoyed joining in on the daily group devotionals they had, worshiping and sharing where and how God was leading us. One of the recurrent themes expressed by different individuals was paninkamute (which means to pursue in Siaragaonon), pursuing God and His will for you.

Through all that Derek, Jenn and the staff were doing at Hope for the Island, God was in the center of it all, and in order to keep Him central it is important to always seek and grow in your relationship with the Lord. I was so blessed to have this time with the Hope for the Island family and look forward to my next adventure with the crew.

My name is Wendy and I had the opportunity and privilege to serve at Hope for the Island with a mission team from Cross Church in Winnipeg. All 17 of us had a wonderful time sharing God’s love by serving and using the gifts and talents God has given to us in a variety of ways.

We had a fantastic time working alongside the Hope staff, who day in and day out faithfully serve the Lord and the people on the island. We spent time with youth and children who regularly visit Hope. The love of Jesus was shared in tangible ways as we spent time with them. We did acting classes as well as volleyball and baseball camps. Relationships were made, all had fun and we made some great memories! I praise God for the amazing things He is doing in the lives of the people there.

Other opportunities included doing outreaches in two different towns or barangays as they are called. There, we were able to connect with kids and adults of all ages and share the Gospel with them. We had lots of fun singing, sharing Bible stories and playing games with the kids. What a sight to see even the adults joining in a game of musical chairs and dancing the “Hokey Pokey”. We also took part in handing out Bags of Hope for the children that included small toys and simple toiletries among other things. There were quilts and clothing for the adults; things we tend to take for granted in North America. It was thrilling to see the look of joy on their faces.
Wendy -

It was amazing to visit with believers in their homes in Burgos. God reminded me of this verse of scripture while we were there: “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself untainted from the world.” James 1:27 ESV

Nany Floring-
During my visit with a widow named Florencia or Nanay Floring, we had a great time in fellowship and God really opened my eyes and made me think about how I live my life back home. We brought a love gift for her and in the bag was a towel. I will never forget the look of happiness on her face as she wrapped the towel around her shoulders, snuggled right in and giggled to herself. All this because of a towel!

After a time of prayer for her failing eyesight, we asked if she had any other prayers requests. She very simply replied, “I have everything I need”. Looking around, I couldn’t help but think how little she had, but how content she was. For me, it was a humbling experience realizing how blessed I really am and what “things” bring me joy and what I could be without.

Our time at Hope was filled with many wonderful experiences and we learned a lot from everyone we met. We are so thankful to God first and foremost and give Him ALL the honour and glory! And we are so thankful to Derek and Jenn and the rest of the Hope staff for allowing us to come to serve and love the people of Siargao Island.