What has Hope for the Island meant to me….

“Thank God because He is really

doing something in my life”


Cris (staff) and Rissa

My life has been full of bad things and nonsense in life. I always found trouble with my friends. I never listened to my parents or to any other people who speak to me. Although friends are telling me I need to change, I never listened to them. I always attend Hope for the Island but my heart is hard.
One day I was so sick. I thought I’m going to die already at that time. Because the pain is so bad and no money I consider doing suicide so I don’t have to suffer, but instead what came out of my mouth was confession to God and asking His forgiveness.

On Sept. 11 2015 I followed what I learned at Hope and asked God to forgive me and I accepted His salvation. Now when it comes to swearing my mouth is slowing down. I am trying to be a blessing with my mouth also by not gossiping. I have now friends and Hope staff who cares for me and always guides me to Gods Word. Thank God because He is really doing something in my life and I need your prayers.