What Hope for the Island has meant to me…


“I wouldn’t be where I am now”


God really has worked in my life according to His plans. He worked in ways I did not expect. God used all experiences and situation to reveal Himself and for me to know His plan is perfect. He even used people to make clear His message to me. Thank God for the right people He brought into my life to help me see the light.
As far as I can remember, I started attending Hope for the Island Kid’s Ministry when I was around 5 or 6 yrs. old. I was so young.

All I remember that time is that there are these strangers who wanted to befriend us and told us some amazing Bible stories. At first I had no idea why these new people came to share each week. I always attended because my playmates were also there. Almost all the kids in our village would go and I followed. I had so much fun and was very curious what would happen each time they came. I was very excited when I was able to move from the kids into the Youth Ministry!

It turned out that my time in Youth would be the most amazing years of my life. Every Friday night I was able to spend it with other youth who also want to know more about God. Every Friday I always told myself that this day will be for God alone. I did not want to follow my other classmates to parties because I can see they did not have peace or joy.

Honestly speaking if Hope for the Island did not provide a place for me to encounter God I wouldn’t be where I am now. I would have become like so many teens that ended up suffering consequence of following sinful life. I can remember so clearly May of 2009. It’s the time where I made the decision to put my trust in and follow Jesus! I accepted what He did for me as my Lord and Savior.

Shortly after I also had desire to be a part of serving the kids in my community and became one of the volunteer assistants at Hope for the Island. That was truly one of the best experiences that really brought a great impact in my life and gave me God’s heart for others.
Now I am in college pursuing God’s plan for my future. At Hope I learned that despite hardships around me God will do something great in my life if I obey and follow Him. I still have a long way to go in my relationship with God, but amidst the busyness of college pressure, I have held to what I learned in the past. I am still living with it and will continue living with it! God’s word is my armor and shield wherever I go. He guides my every step!

The foundation I have from my time at Hope for the Island opened a door for me to become a full-time GK Volunteer. I work with various communities all over Bukidnon province in order to impart the culture of caring & sharing. I teach the Lumad youth in various parts of Bukidnon who have difficult access to proper education being too far away from the cities. I enjoy helping with organizations that train and educate struggling youth. I enjoy mentoring them to be future leaders. I am able to teach them that trusting God and hard work gives way for God to fulfill His great plans.

There is nothing better than knowing God and being in a personal relationship with Jesus. Having God in your life means we share in His passions, serve as He served and help the poor and needy. God always provides a way for us to fulfill His purposes. The choice is ours but as a Christian it’s our call and responsibility to care for others. It’s our responsibility to help lead others to Jesus who alone saves. God is my reason for everything. Without Him, everything would be meaningless.

Thank you to all who have and continue to support and pray for Hope for the Island. My life was changed because of you.