What does Hope for the Island mean to me….


I totally understand my

identity in Christ

Cris (Staff) and Mylene

I’m 15 years old. I’m from Baybay Burgos. I started attending youth fellowship when it was ate Jing who was teaching us. I wasn’t serious at that time. Later on with ate Cris I learned more and became more open to God.

Although I learned a lot my life stayed the same until the May youth camp. During the youth camp there I totally understand my identity in Christ and I sincerely accepted Christ in my life! After that I experienced the kind of life that I never experienced before.

I can’t describe the feeling of having Jesus in my life. I experienced a peace and joy that I never had before or experienced with my family. With my decision to have relationship with God I faced challenges. Especially I was challenged by God to forgive. There is this person who did something hurtful that it causes me to hate her for a whole year. At the last youth camp I was reminded to forgive in spite how painful it is to forgive. When I choose to let go and forgive that person I felt like the thorn in my heart was uprooted. God change my heart toward that person and I am free again.??????????