What does Hope for the Island mean to me….


“I learned and come to know Jesus”


I am glad to share with you my life journey with our Lord. My name is Gonzalo O. Monter, Jr. I usually go by nickname JR. I am 23 years old and currently, I am an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) working as a teller in a financial institution here in Doha, Qatar. I am enjoying the gift of life that God has given to me. I have so many things to share with you about my life and it will be exciting because it’s not about me but more about God.

At an early age, I heard about who God is since my family is religious. It is still vivid on my mind when Hope for the Island started in the year 2001. Missionaries from a different country came to live and volunteer their lives. I actively joined the ministry for kids and continued in my teenage years. There were some hindrances for attending due to religious issues being brought up by people It didn’t stop me to continue because I am learning about Jesus.
To be involved in the HOPE helped me a lot. I learned and come to know Jesus and the real purpose of my life in this world and what will be our life after death.

The HOPE family was there to guide and help me in knowing more deeply the source of our life. Also, I learned the proper way on how to study the Word of God, how to receive the gift of salvation and one topic that I could not forget was about prayer, that even till now I can still remember with a simple guide in praying – ACTS.

Before I came here, my idea about working abroad is totally wrong. I am even surprised that working here in the Middle East which is a Muslim country leads me to know more deeper our Lord and have intimate relationship with Him!! With help I was led to one close friend that is currently based also here in Qatar, which is a member of Word International Ministry – Qatar (WIN-Q).

Since I do have past experience with Hope for the Island, which has the same mission, it was natural and easy for me to commit to the ministry. My experiences were not easy when I decided to submit myself to God. It was really difficult because I turned my back on doing worldly things and friends and many insults. But the good thing to live in God’s hand is I am 100% secured. As He said on my favorite verse that can be find in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Every time that I questioned God why bad things happened to me, which I thought it was not good, He always reminds me to believe on His promise that everything happens for good and his plans are better than mine. I am happy now with my life in God, I found the real happiness in life and satisfaction.

At present, I am one of the Care Group/Youth Leader here in WIN-Q and still seeking God to know Him more. Temptations are still there but good thing is that I know God is with me in helping to overcome it and of course with my desire to please God alone. When trials come I face, it not with worry for I know that the God who is the creator of heaven and earth is my Father who is a great provider. Lastly, I am no longer praying to God just for blessings in finances or any material things or when I have problems. I pray for Gods will to be done and desire to be found faithful in all things and let God work His ways.