What Hope for the Island has meant to me…


“I encountered God and

He guide me”

Jing (Staff) and Jennifer


I never experienced what love means with my family. So I thought I will find love within the world. I always hang out with friends and don’t go home. I had so much issues in my heart. It’s hard for me to forgive the people who wounded me.

God used Hope for the island for me to know the love of God and lead me to Christ. I encountered God and He guide me to His righteousness. He cleansed all my sins. During the camp God broke my heart when it comes to forgiving. God led me to let go and to choose to forgive those people who hurts me. This time I have a different heart because of forgiveness!! I am not tormented anymore. I thank God for Hope for the island who is always there for me. They are my family who never give up on me and leads me to Gods truth.