What Hope for the Island has meant to me…


“I became God’s child!”

Jing (Staff) and Cielo

I just recently started hanging out at Hope for the Island because I am interested in being a Hope scholar. I want to share my life story and what God has done in me.

Before I come to know Jesus and accept Him in my life all I know is misery. My mother got sick and people are saying different bad thing against my mother. At that point I blamed God. And I was praying for God to end my life. Then an answer to my prayer came when God healed my mother. God was already planting His words in my heart while I attend Hope for the island. In August my heart was ready to accept Jesus and I became God’s child!

By God’s help I am applying His words in my heart, especially in the area of forgiveness. I forgive those who hurt me and wow I can’t really describe the feeling when I started releasing forgiveness. It’s like no baggage anymore. I felt so light inside me. I am forever grateful to God for His love and I want to be with God forever! At the last camp I learned more how to live by faith.