Chaira Jayne

What Hope for the Island has meant to me…

God showed me His love



Chaira Jayne
My life today is totally different than it was before I come to Jesus. Before I cannot control my life, my action, my mind or how I speak. I swear a lot at my younger siblings, and even to those people around me who I don’t like. I used to go to church but I didn’t apply anything that I’ve heard.

On May 20 at Hope for the island camp I realized that I need to put my faith and trust in Jesus because He died for me so I will be save from my sin. So at that time I accepted Christ in my life!

During the October youth camp God challenged me to grow in reading His word, prayer, fellowship and in obeying Him. Fellowship with others believers challenges me more. I need and I want to be surrounded with people who fears God.. As God showed me His love I also work harder to love my siblings whom I used to treat bad. Each day God is teaching me so much more of His character. Thank you Lord for your goodness and salvation!