What Hope for the Island has meant to me…


“I encountered Christ”


Before I knew Christ my life was all about party party. Disco and non-stop drinking alcohol. I enjoyed being so drunk. I don’t stop till I’m so drunk. I never want to go home because nothing there for me. If I’m not with my friends, I’m with other people gossiping with them. And I’m full of trash talk.

Since I attended youth fellowship at Hope when I was in my fourth year high school, there I realized there is so much more to life. My drinking and friends left me still empty. As I regularly joined youth fellowship at Hope I started learning more of God’s grace.

In December 2014, I encountered Christ and accepted Him into my life. There are always things along the way that try to hinder me from growing but thank God for His love and patience. Thank God also for camps where we can be growing more in Christ!