What Hope for the Island has meant to me…

“I have joy in my life”

Cris (Staff) and Gracelle

I am 14 yrs. old living in Burgos. Before I started hanging out at Hope for the Island I am a girl who easily follows any influence around me. I grow up with Christian parents but don’t think serious about serving God. For me it doesn’t really matter. I don’t recognize God for the blessings around me and act like I don’t need God. There at Hope for the Island I started learning about God and accepted Him with my whole heart. I realized life is so much better with Christ being the center. Although there are lots of challenges I could overcome it because of His grace. I accepted Christ during the May youth camp. After I accepted Christ, transformation really starts to happen in my mind and heart. I have joy in my life and His blessings follows. I thank God that He brought more friends in my life. The staff at Hope and teams help encourage my faith. God’s joy and peace reside in my life. Glory to God!