John Paul

What does Hope for the Island mean to me…..


“I realize my life is

not honoring God”


Jing (Staff) and John Paul

John Paul
I am 14 years old. Before I come to Christ my life was no difference than others kids. I used to lie to everyone; I do swearing all the time. I always answer back to my parents. And I don’t care if I hurt someone. During the Hope for the Island camp I realize my life is not honoring God and I am scared to die without Jesus in my life. I am so happy that on Oct 11 during the camp I accepted Christ!! I allowed Him in my life and in my heart. Since I accepted Christ I noticed something different in me. I have this joy in my heart that I can’t understand. And I noticed I am learning to control my mouth that could hurt God and people. I am starting to forgive those who sins against me. I thank God for everything He has done and am excited to grow closer to Jesus at Hope for the Island!