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Meet 23-year-old Reshel. She has only finished her 1st year of high school.

Her parents don’t know what has caused her disability. It started with her hands when she was five.  She used to live in Manila with her grandparents and had opportunity to go to a therapist and receive vitamins all free of charge.   A doctor indicated she does have a problem with her blood. Vague diagnosis or none at all is common.

She came to Siargao Island when she was 12 years old.  After being away from the source of vitamins and therapy, she got thinner.

Reshel has quit attending school because she is so self-conscious of her condition. Because of a lack of exercise, she is deteriorating more and more.  She longs to go back to school and to be more active.

Thank God we were able to get a much needed walker for her in Canada and it is on the way now in a box to the Philippines!

Vitamins and therapy are current needs.  Our remote location makes it costly to travel for the therapy.

Please continue to pray for her as she deals with these issues at such a young age. We are grateful for how God has already provided.  See a short video of Reshel

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