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From Jerbie:


In August, our staff together with the WAVES 4 WATER team went to the Barangay of Rizal.  This is the community north of Hope for the Island where we rebuilt homes after waves wiped out many homes along the coast.

It was almost 40 degrees and very humid. We went to Fernando village with water filters to help meet the long time and escalating problem of contaminated water.

It was my first time there as a new leader at HOPE. As we approached the village and the people recognized we were from Hope for the Island, they were so happy and responsive. One thing that amazed me is how concerned they were to know where our founder of Hope for the Island was. They expressed that they really miss Kuya Derek and want to see him again.


The love the people have encountered from HOPE really impacts them. They readily invited us into their homes and gathered to hear why we were there. We took time to talk with and pray for each of them.  The people were overjoyed!

As we walked through the village, we silently prayed that God would allow the filters to bring about a change in the struggles they face. Our prayer was that villagers would open their hearts to the true and lasting hope of living water in Jesus.

Almost all households received a filter and some shared with neighbors. They thanked God for this blessing! The relief and joy in their faces was touching for us to see.

One family shared how they faced so many sickness and low immunity when they drank the local water.  When they had enough money they would buy the 5-gallon purified water but not all could afford to do so.

They shared the challenge they have during dry season, getting water from streams. Winter rainy season brings plenty of water, but it becomes a murky chocolate color and is dangerous to drink.

Dirty clothes and empty containers for water are carried on a long walk to Tak-Tak Falls in the village of Tangbo. A lot of sacrifice and time is required just to carry out the basic necessities of life.

We spent time with the mother of a 15 yr. old girl who is suffering from bone cancer. They were able to get a check up for her in 2015 when politicians were giving money during their campaign. Beyond that original diagnosis, they have no means to get more treatment or medicine. Please pray for her because she is bed ridden now and is in constant pain.  We prayed over her and gave her some pain relievers. It was very sad seeing her in that condition with no avenue for more help.

HOPE will hold regular Bible studies in this area to help those grow in their faith that responded to the Lord. During those visits, we will also monitor the water situation and other needs that may arise. Pray for wisdom as we search out new areas to provide filters that were entrusted to us by W4W.





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