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Hope for the Island is located on a small island with little to no opportunities available for training or seminars.  Our leadership has been praying for ways for the team at HOPE to receive further equipping and training that will in turn grow the ministries entrusted to them.  God answered prayer through a friend who invited Hope for the Island to Surigao City for ministry training focused on kids’ ministry, performing arts and worship. God not only provided the means for our staff to attend but we were able to bless all the youth assistants who volunteer each Saturday with an all expenses paid trip to attend as well.  Praise the Lord!

Here are some testimonies from our team…


This seminar was an important experience for me and challenged me really hard. 200+ participants attended and there were only 2 comfort rooms (toilets) and no water most of the time. We had to go out each day at 4 a.m. to find a place where we could shower. Food portions were very little and we sleep on a floor together with everyone. The whole seminar was very challenging and I am so thankful to experience that struggle because God reminded me how very blessed I am at Hope for the Island.

I need to be more grateful with everything God provides for us each day personally and for the ministry. Thank God I was able to lead a group teaching children during our outreach. We had such a blast during the praise and worship. It was amazing to worship God with so many others who are also involved in ministry like us. Thank God for people who supported us in prayers and finances that enabled us to go!!


Mary Grace:

I thank God for the opportunity to grow in my giftings and be used to lead a group during outreach.  We met many new friends that share in God’s call for missions!                                                                 


I was so blessed, refreshed and encouraged through all the topics that we’ve learned through the training seminar




God rebuked me hard this time when we went through the topic of facing the giant. Most of the time that I face something big my normal reaction is to run away or react, but God reminded me to face the giant with Him. That is what I am called to do. I was challenged and rebuked. I thank God I was also one of the leaders of a group. I initially thought I was only going to be one of the participants but God allowed me to lead in His strength.  Thank God for opportunity to share my life and lead other youth that I met for the first time!



During seminar God spoke to me through the life of David. Although he was only young God used him mightily. And so like David, I too am only young and God reminds me to make myself available to be used by Him. That is great!



God is always faithful!  He sees the heart of His children and He reminded me through the training that He is the I AM THAT I AM. The training was a great time of being filled up, restored strength, and refreshment in His presence. I learned more about being a leader. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet other leaders who have also been leading for a while.  We were able to pray, encourage and counsel one another. Thank God for the way He allowed me to lead out in new ways and serve where there was need. It was a great time for us all to experience such incredible ministry equipping. My prayer is to send more youth to this training next year.


Some great testimonies that bless my heart as their leader at HOPE!  It encourages me to continue to seek ways for our team to grow for His glory.  With that said a new and grand opportunity was provided that would only fuel the fire even more!  Our family will be taking the ministry staff from HOPE up to Manila the first week of June.  We will be attending a massive discipleship conference that has international speakers coming in from around the world. Check out moveydc.org for details and be praying for us!




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