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Firstly, I need to thank my God with all my heart for allowing me to grow in so many ways over the course of my schooling. I’m so blessed to be part of this journey with the Lord. God is so faithful for always providing all the needs that sustain me. I am especially thankful for an answer to prayer. God provided a person in my life who has become a mentor. She loves the Lord and was brought into my life in God’s perfect time.

I am getting more involved with people in the church who share a desire to grow and live out their faith. I believe God has many plans ahead of me. I always trust Him alone because He has been faithful and good.

I’m so excited to apply all that I have learned in my schooling. To help those suffering is my passion.

On my holidays I really enjoyed my retreat home to Siargao Island. During Christmas break I had real connecting time with family and the staff at Hope for the Island.  I was able to encourage and impart to the new staff the heartbeat of our ministry. Having these breaks provides me with a direct place to apply the techniques I learned in school.

I praise God for another victory. I received the highest grade for exams.  I am enrolled and ready to start the 2nd semester. I am praying for the same favour and wisdom to keep up my grades.  It’s hard to believe this coming June will be my 3rd year.  I only have one final year for field practice. Glory and honour belong to God!

From Derek:

Continue to pray for Reshel. Hope for the Island team continue to visit her regularly. Despite her struggles she is gifted with a resilient faith and the joy of the Lord.

Doctors have long recommended she get therapy if there is any hope of her gaining strength and improving. Manila is the only city that has the adequate facilities and trained therapists.

We rejoiced when some friends of Hope for the Island responded with a desire to support the needed travel and therapy. Plans were set in motion and travel was scheduled for Reshel and her mother to go to Manila. Unfortunately at the mid way point of travel, Reshel’s mother felt uncomfortable and nervous about going so far.

Many people from the island are not used to travel and it can be scary. Our staff that accompanied her tried to help calm her nerves and encourage her to continue on. Unfortunately, the mother gave in to her fears and decided to go back to the island. We cannot force her even though we do not agree with her decision. That was a little over a month ago and sadly Reshel’s health has deteriorated. At this point she is unable to walk anymore even with the walker we provided. She is dearly loved and needs prayer as she endures each day.

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