Youth Ministry

Mentoring the next generation to be responsible and productive citizens giving back to their community

In the absence of positive role models, too many youth from surrounding communities fall into a repetitive and enslaving cycle of poverty and despair. Youth inevitably yield to the negative lifestyle habits around them leading to life long hardships and suffering. By providing these youth with a positive/faith filled environment we are able to connect with them and invest in the future of Siargao Island. It is exciting to see youth overcome their past, thrive and bear fruit as God purposes for their lives.

Sports and other after school activities are available throughout the week as a way to help develop confidence, skills and encourage education. Each weekend the youth gather for a fun night of games, prayer and being nurtured in God’s Word. Pray with us about the continued burden on our hearts to establish a skills training centre for out of school youth. Learning a trade will provide youth with the opportunity to have income generating work and alleviate poverty.