Feeding Malnourished Children

Early in 2013 Hope for the Island started feeding severely malnourished children one healthy meal per day.  We anticipated success and the results have been incredible.  We have always fed children healthy meals on our weekly outreaches because many kids are under nourished.  However, for the severely malnourished, we needed to step it up and fast.

With no intervention many children sadly die each year.  The need for this program became clear during follow up visits we had with the pregnant women who were part of our Prenatal Care program.  When visiting these villages, we started hearing stories of kids whose needs were neglected and faced suffering.  As we sought out more information, we were led to homes where we encountered precious children in such horrific conditions.

There was no time to be frustrated, angry or cast blame, rather pray how the Lord would have us help these children live.  We currently receive a regular soup mix supply donated from Canada that has 16 varieties of nutritious veggies. Along with the soup mix we provide each severely malnourished child seasonal produce from our organic farm, rice and a milk supplement.  By providing one healthy meal a day many children have come through our program and are now healthy!

Before we stop providing for the needs of a child, we make sure they are healthy and the parents are more equipped to care for and feed their children.  Regular visits are done to check on the weight of the children, provide food, counsel and pray for the family.