Cristina Year End Update

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From Cristina:

God has been faithful through this last semester.  He continues to give me the ability to learn and absorb what is being taught.  The Lord is providing everything that is fulfilling the desires of my heart.  With each passing month I feel like my passion is growing and my heart is even more burdened for those who are destitute. I see Jesus’ life in the gospels in a more clear way. His humility and love for others was unmatched. I know the outcome of this Social Work degree is not going to be an occupation for me, rather a life calling.  It’s my prayer that I will be a bridge leading deprived people to the goodness of God.  Hosea 10:12 inspires me on during my studies.  We can never underestimate the power of a seed.  Planted seeds of love that are heart deep in ones life will bring impact.

During my semester break I enjoyed some nice rest.  I was also able to view the needs we face at Hope for the Island with a different perspective.  I can see areas we can improve and be more effective. As I spent time with the people in the community, it is clear that they need to enhance their abilities and learn skills that can help them break out of the cycle of poverty.  As leaders at HOPE, we will be working to gradually implement aspects learned from my schooling.  We need to look ahead so that generations to come will have hope.

Within Hope for the Island Malnourished program there are steps that we are taking to not only help restore the health of the child, but also to help prevent reoccurrence.  This comes from educating parents and guiding them to break free from poor habitual practices. Many superstitions held by the people contribute to the outbreak of many health problems.  It is our goal to see families become independent so that they can stand on their own once our support ends and the child is healthy.

Teaching families with malnourished children how to plant in small areas surrounding their home is a practical way to have food that they can harvest rather than missing meals or borrowing money to look for food.  Spending recreational time with these families outside of follow up home visitations is also a great way to connect with them and build relationships.

In each ministry we will continue to evaluate what are the greatest needs so we can accurately intervene and bless those God entrusts us to serve.  Thanks for the support and continue to pray for my schooling and success for Hope for the Island.


Cristina Espanto

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