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Most of the youth we have the privilege of connecting with and serving each week come from despair, extreme poverty, broken homes and neglect. Sadly many youth walk down the familiar repetitive cycle of destruction as a result of deeply rooted wounds and no role models. In spite of the beauty of Siargao Island and the many smiles seen by visitors, there is an underlying hopelessness that is a very real struggle the kids and youth face.

Our staff knows very well the ongoing battle because of their very similar heart wrenching past. By God’s grace our staff have walked through the process of healing and restoration! They know the power of being forgiven and forgiving others and move forward daily in the freedom, identity and purposes of Jesus. It has been an honor to be a part of their redemption stories coming to pass. Even greater is to see the cycle go full circle, as our staff who we used Read more…

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This summer we had 130 youth ages 13 and up attend our Hope for the Island Youth Camp. It was a camp unlike any other we have had.

We have been praying for years for some youth we knew needed to surrender their bad habits and sinful lifestyle to God. Our prayer was for them to be saved and truly follow Him with all their heart.

God used His Word to convict hearts. The final evening was a life changing moment for so many. Jing offered the youth a chance to surrender their life to the Lord. She reminded them of the fact that many have been coming to youth group for years. They confessed to be Christians, but they were living defeated lives, bound by their addictions and poor decisions.

When the final challenge was given, no one responded and no one came forward to be prayed for. Praise God for Jing’s boldness. She kept challenging them to examine their lives and to accept the embrace of God who was pursuing them. Read more…

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Hope for the Island celebrated Christmas with 87 youth who faithfully attend our weekly ministry.  They really look forward to having a Christmas party, getting all dressed up, dances and dramas, eating good food and most of all having good fun.  They convinced Kuya (older brother) Derek to play the part of baby Jesus. It was a great evening! Because of your gently used donated clothing and other gifts, the youth each took home a blessing.  Something so simple has such an impact on them.  


The youth are loved and made to feel part of a family at HOPE. It is a safe place where they can come as they are. Our group has been talking about hardships in life – how they affect us and how we can face them – how God desires to be our shelter, helper, comfort, strength and guidance. We discussed how we can come to Him and cry out and even how we can grow as a result of trials.
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We always try to keep things fresh and new with the youth because it is easy for them to get bored and distracted by influences in town.  There are many youth that surprise us because although shy in personality they are bold when it comes to the Lord.  Many are an encouragement and example to the others by the way they share testimony during our fellowship time.  When youth share their insights from the Word or pray during our time together or for others it challenges those who are observing.  There are some that have been attending for so long but never seem to respond.  Sometimes we can feel discouraged or that they are not listening.  Even if they are a distraction sometimes, we always welcome them and pray for them.  Last week we were encouraged to never give up because one male youth who has come for a long time finally accepted Christ!  We thank God for the opportunity to share His love that we encountered and to praise Him. Read more…

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On a cloudy afternoon after Preschool classes were finished, our HOPE team decided to visit the farm and minister in the nearby village of Sto. Nino.  That is where we were approved to connect to their water supply and is also one of the locations where our Prenatal Program is located. Read more…

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During the summer season Hope for the Island Preschool goes on break and so do our teachers. Well not really a break!  All our preschool teachers enjoy setting aside their uniforms and curriculums to creatively plan and minister to the kids and youth.   Thus far the summer has been very fruitful and God honoring! Let me explain…

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Anyone who has followed Hope for the Island’s
reports over the years knows that rainy season is the hardest season to endure
on Siargao Island.  The seas are wild and
dangerous and even fisherman rarely attempt to go out on them.  The heavy rains keep villagers indoors and
make it hard for them to find food. This rainy season we are happy for the new
Charcoal Business in our municipality. Charcoal is made from the inside shell
of the coconut dried out over fire. This is a very easy process and even if
people don’t own land, they can look for those who have just harvested coconuts
and offer to collect the shells. This is an immediate source of income!  What a blessing this is for the local people
during such a hard season.

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Friday night Youth Ministry at HOPE draws in many young people from the community. This fun filled evening of games and activities ends with a great time in worship and an interactive sharing of God’s Word. Throughout the week, as part of our schedule, we connect with the youth on a deeper level as we serve alongside them in our Community Outreach Ministry. The focus for our staff during these connecting times is to either lead someone to faith in Jesus or help draw them into a more intimate relationship with Him. This is not an easy task anywhere in the world, as many youth have barriers set up to prevent themselves from being vulnerable.  In addition to that, many of our youth have deeply rooted wounds that shield their hearts from accepting love. As we make ourselves available to them and build trust and relationship, we see their hearts softening. Just one example, is the story of a young man we will call Junior, whose mother and father split up, left him and went their own way. For some time he lived with his father’s grandmother. With no guidance, he soon got into trouble and led a sinful lifestyle. His father moved in with another woman and her children. Junior then moved in with his father, but was treated and felt like an outsider. Throughout this time Junior was seeking refuge at Hope for the Island. He soaked up the love and attention at every opportunity. His heart is now softening as the Lord reaches his heart through our staff. Recently Junior’s father again left for another woman. Junior is only 15 and doesn’t know what to do or where to turn. He doesn’t want to follow his father again or return to his previous lifestyle. Please pray that God will open the right doors for Junior. We seek God’s wisdom and discernment as to how we can help in this fragile situation.