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When Typhoon Haiyan (aka – Yolanda) comes to mind or in conversation, it is always with a feeling of heartache especially in light of the extensive damage and suffering caused by a storm of such magnitude.

Suffering in general is something we want to avoid and when the time comes that it knocks on our door, we find it challenging to endure. Despair, fear and hopelessness can consume even the strongest of people. Yet somehow in the midst of these trials, there is a unique opportunity to encounter the realness of God unlike any other way.Facing these hardships brings to the surface our frailty and need, something not always recognized when life is going smooth.

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From Elaine:

We are so very thankful for God’s hand of protection over Siargao Island. In spite of the fact that all weather maps and satellite showed them taking a strong hit, there has been no loss of life that we are aware of. Winds topped 150 km and the ocean surge was approximately 50 meters from high tide. Many throughout the Philippines are facing horrendous loss of life and property. You have shown your heart for our family and the ministry that God has entrusted them with.

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From Elaine

We are so grateful for your phone calls and emails. As parents we felt helpless as we watched the “worst storm of the year” unfold. Other storms had bypassed Hope for the Island, but this would be different. Less than 24 hours before the typhoon hit Derek was still trying to decide if he should evacuate or ride out the storm. We prayed for wisdom for our son.

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