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We ship a variety of items from Canada to Hope for the Island as donations are given. Our giveaways in the western world are a treasure and blessing for others.

Precious seniors do the backbreaking work of hammering large rocks into golf ball sized stones that are used for construction projects. They earn 18 pesos (50 cents) per sack. Glasses such as those donated provide protection for their eyes from flying rock shards

The word got out quickly that reading glasses had arrived at Hope for the Island. Swarms of people came to Hope. They keep trying on glasses until they found a pair that worked for them.

Many can now read and expressed thanks to God! One woman was so thankful because she normally strains to read her Bible each day and can now read clearly.

As part of our Mercy Ministry, rice and dehydrated veggies provisions are also distributed weekly to the elderly, widows or those who are ill in the community surrounding Hope for the Island. These basic provisions are sometimes the only food they have to eat.