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From Jenn: 

Hope Organic Farm Video

So many exciting things have been happening at Hope for the Island and we are only a month into 2017!  After our recent corporate prayer and fasting we have seen walls previously impenetrable start to come down!! Personal and ministry breakthroughs do come as we seek God and obey His Word.

Hope for the Island Organic Farm faced quite a few challenges in
2016, so we started off the year with a farm blessing. We gathered all Hope staff; local/foreign volunteers and a Pastor friend living close by.  We slaughtered and roasted a pig, shared a meal of thanksgiving and took time to pray over specific areas of struggle and over the farm property.  We also took time to pray over the farmers and bless them. It was a very moving time for all of us and it set us on a path of expectancy and joy for all that God has in store for this year.

Not even the typhoon that welcomed in the New Year and extensively damaged the roofing on four of our buildings, could dim the excitement we all have in our hearts!


We are currently launching our new Farm website at . Our Swiss intern Dario has been a key player in putting all the information together and getting the website ready. As the ministry continues to aspire towards the goal of sustainability, this website will help us move more value added products across the Philippines like mushrooms, dried herbs, teas, meat rubs and marinades. I am excited to contribute to the farm blog on the site as well.

At the end of 2016 we built a new goat / sheep shelter. Thankfully the goats and sheep were safe and dry through the typhoon. The shelter was designed with a birthing room and a milking room. This addition has allowed us to start experimenting with goat milk / cheese.  We hope to be selling it soon as an additional value added product at the farm!! Please pray as we continue to move towards reaching our goal of sustaining the ministries through farm sales and food produced to feed malnourished kids.


For five consecutive days now, we have been trying to cope with no power on Siargao Island. There have been five earthquakes that have hit in the evening hours. Two towers are now down after a signal #2 typhoon that hit last week.

Nutritious2Supply boats are not running because of the weather. Food supply is Farm worker Jose 2often a day-to-day ordeal under normal circumstances and many are hungry right now. We are thankful for the produce at our Hope for the Island Organic Farm. It is helping feed us as well as others.

With no power source, locals have turned to gas lamps. Most homes are very small and breathing the fumes is harsh and toxic in such confined quarters. Needless to say it is also a huge fire hazard.



Ien, a young boy was burned badly when a lamp containing hot gas fell over onto his back while he was sleeping. His family brought him to Hope for the Island. We prayed for him and cleaned and treated his back. A donated stuffed husky dog we gave him briefly turned his tears to a small smile.

A badly burned boy2Ien 2JPG2Ien
Please pray for his full recovery and that no infection would set in. Even with so much to face, we see the fortitude of the people here and are humbled as we minister to them.

Derek Van Ryckeghem

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We are experiencing the busiest time of year! This is the hottest season but also a very productive season. The farmers labor every day in the intense heat to be sure we always have enough mulch available for the beds. It differs a lot from the season we came through with torrential rains and heavy winds.

The summer season is also a time when all of us at Hope take a turn spending a day at the farm. We pull weeds or cut grass. Visiting teams or individuals to Hope for the Island are offered and, usually take advantage of, a day at the farm to experience how it operates.

Let using grass cutter
Beyond the regular veggies and herbs we produce, we have introduced new varieties to Siargao Island such as swiss chard, beets, kohlrabi and turnips. Some resorts and families are now becoming accustomed to having fresh vegetables delivered weekly.

We are excited that the farm has been showing a profit. After many years of sweat, toil and tears this is a huge breakthrough in an island that is only now being introduced to farming of this kind. Gradually as the farm earns, this will in turn allow us as a ministry to be more sustainable, while also enjoying a healthier diet.

God has honored our hard work and prayers and has given us favor in the land. We are blessed to have such a hard working faithful farm team!

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Since the day our farmers joined Hope for the Island we have been praying for them. For months we have been laying seeds of truth in the hearts of our farmer workers. We have been praying that they would get to know Christ and make a decision to make Him Lord and Savior. One of the six farmers, Edang was already a Christian when he joined our team. The others were originally accepted to come on as farm staff even though they were not Christians. 

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It has been a very challenging time for our farm team. It has been almost a three month battle in search for water. This has truly been a test of faith. Do we keep planting when we don’t have water? Will it keep on raining? The workers at the farm have been transporting water three times a day by motorcycle and then carrying it by hand to existing beds to keep them alive. Read more…

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It was exciting to see our latest harvest of cabbage, cucumber, string beans, radish, carrot, squash, kangkong, sweet basil,
watermelon and papaya!

This blessing of fresh and healthy produce was used to feed over 400 kids and 100 youth at our 2 day camps, “Summer Shine Kids Camp” and “Making Jesus Lord Youth Camp”. They love the healthy variety of snacks especially when we mix in the dehydrated apples and vegetable soup mix from Gleaners in Canada.

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The new Hope for the Island Organic Farm sign couldn’t have come
at a better time. Many islanders have been watching us build and plant
for over a year. Our sign is warm and inviting. We are located adjacent
to the major roadway for the island. Curious travelers have been
stopping by the farm and purchasing fresh produce or simply inquiring
about what we are growing and why.

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We recently bought matching rubber boots for all our farm staff and built a rack for the boots to hang upside down. They weren’t used to wearing boots and resembled kids by the joy on their face as they tramped through the mud with their new boots. Buying boots and building a rack all came about as the result of a rather interesting morning. Herdell woke up as usual earlier than the others to visit the nursery.  It was a cool and foggy morning.  With a quick stretch he pulled on the boots from under his bed and felt something in it.  Thinking it was a rock he shoot his foot. Something cold slithered around his foot. He flung off his boot and out came a shiny poisonous red snake! Frozen in fear, he watched as the snake slithered away. When the shock wore off, everyone at the farm was awakened by Herdells’ dancing and praising God that he was not bitten.



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Siargao Island is coming to the end of rainy season and heading into the hot summer.  Hope for the Island Organic Farm is doing great as we approach the summer months. The last few weeks we harvested and enjoyed eating radishes, string beans, okra and pechay!

The goats at the farm will now enjoy free range grazing. Goats don’t like getting wet, so during rainy season we cut and carry their feed to them. The produce at the farm needs more moisture, so we have installed water taps at various locations on the farm.  Pray we find a solution to our water well running dry during the summer months.  We have had to haul water from a neighboring village because our pump stopped drawing water!

As the rainy season ends, summer brings an increase in activities for Kids and Youth Ministry. Our Organic Farm will be providing the healthy snacks we are committed to supply for all the big events!   We also receive donated dehydrated vegetables and fruit from Gleaners in Canada. This has made it possible to give each child a nutritious snack after each ministry time.  We mix the dried fruit and vegetables with organic coconut milk, organic mongo beans and organic root crops to make “Ginataan”, a favorite snack of the Filipino people.

All of us at Hope for the Island LOVE going to the farm and the farm workers anticipate our visits as well!  Monthly, we have a chance to visit the farm for a picnic style fellowship. Hope for the Island main compound is located in northern Siargao Island near the town of Burgos.  Our farm is located in the center of Siargao Island near the village of Jamayaon a forty minute drive away.  We currently have six full time farm workers and seven local full time staff serving alongside Derek and Jenn at HOPE in Burgos.

Each time we visit the farm we are warmly welcomed and handed fresh coconut juice from our trees Read more…

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Our farm is moving forward and we are so blessed by the variety of produce and the abundance we are already seeing! Many are eating fresh produce for the first time and we now have goats producing milk!

So many of you have prayed towards this end and we praise God for His provision through you. Your donations will help us  move forward with the Mission compound and other facets of Organic Farm.

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