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From Gina:

Maylene is 10 years old and is one of my kids in the town of “Bitaug” where I serve each week. She was one of the participants who was impacted by the “KIDS HEARTLINE SEMINAR that we hosted.

Heartline VIDEO

Last Saturday I had a hard time in sharing a Bible story to the kids because there are many little ones moving around and noisy. Currently we are in a transition training up new assistants so all areas don’t have assistants yet. Please pray for the new assistant we involve each week to have God’s heart and grow in their love for kids in communities.


Maylene surprised me and offered to take all the little ones while I teach. She did such a good job taking care of them. It was nice seeing her taking the lead and the kids responded well to her.

I’m thankful and blessed because our topic was about “KINDNESS” and Maylene showed kindness to me and to the kids by helping and serving them. It was a good way to have a practical example to explain ways they can apply God’s Word.

From Derek:

God is really working in Maylene and other kids. Even at a young age they already have a willing heart to help and be used by God in the ministry. In some areas local religious groups do all they can to prevent kids from joining us on Saturday. Threats carried through by these groups, forces some parents to not allow their kids to attend. Tears are common when they have to leave.  We pray that the real encounters they have had with Jesus during their time with us will provide a foundation that securely holds them. Praying also that doors will open for them to return. Thank you for all who join us through support and prayer. You are helping these kids know God and His purpose for them.

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From Jing:

We enjoy spending time with and supplementing the diet of some seniors and widows in need.

Nanay (older mother) Ethan is one of those widows. Her grandchild Joy is actively involved in my discipleship in the Mia area.

I visited Nanay Ethan after hearing she was among those who had been poisoned. Because of hunger, many elderly widows head up to the mountain to find food that grows wild.

This time they chose the wrong mushrooms to eat and even gave some to a daughter who is breastfeeding an infant. Almost immediately after eating they started vomiting uncontrollably, urinating and had diarrhea.

When people realized they have eaten the wrong kind of mushroom, they found a way to take them to a doctor over an hour away in the south of the island.

Thank God they were treated right away and now they have all recovered.

Nanay testifies that God still has something for her here on earth that is why she did not die.Thank God for He is good to His children.

Please be with us in praying for these widows. Rainy season is approaching making it impossible for people to go fishing in the high winds and torrential rain. They have no fish most of the time. Farming is also very hard during this season. Most of the locals get very hungry and suffer many illnesses.

Maryjane and her sister Jeremay face many hardships at their young age. Their mother went to the big city with plans to send money to help meet family needs and with a promise to not be gone long. Six years later she still hasn’t returned.  Distraught and desperate, their father looks for any work he can find to make ends meet.  His efforts have come up short and his regular absence from home leaves his daughters in a lonely and hopeless place.

These sisters have been part of our daily Malnourished Feeding Program. Jeremay has reached the weight she should be, but Maryjane still struggles to reach a healthy weight and regain her health.

Please keep them in prayer as we minister to them weekly. Pray for opportunities for the father to find work near to home. Pray that they will respond well to the care and healthy food we supply. Food is cooked in the morning and they have to make it last until their father returns. Pray that their heart finds healing from deep wounds they have and for God’s love and hope to shine through our staff that spend time connecting with them each week.

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From Nermilyn:

12 year-old Lhaica has become a very good example to her friends.

Click on the link to hear her boldly share one of the memory verses she has learned.

Lhaica memory verse Video

At the age of 12 she is already teaching and challenging the other kids in her area to grow spiritually.   Even at her young age she teaches effectively and humbly. Her boldness inspires the other kids. They can be used by God as well to live love and care for others.


Kids in Algeria are praying for the dreams that God places on their heart and for their future. Our topic was about Joseph who dreamed and God brought it to completion in the future.

I was able to share from my personal experience that even though poor and from the same situation as them, I dreamed as a kid to ride on an airplane and go outside of the Philippines.

God in His timing and purpose allowed it to happen for His glory. God took me to new countries to serve others and learn more about God’s heart for the world and me. I encouraged them to trust God and that nothing is impossible with God. I heard the kids sharing their plans to each other how they will study harder at school so nothing could hinder them from reaching their dreams. We prayed over each child and trust God with each life He allows us to care for.

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Each week we look forward to times of joy as we connect heart to heart with the widows most in need. They often face an entire life of poverty related struggles alone and suffering horribly.

As we simply step into their world with love and compassion, life and joy is being restored in their hearts. Helping them find dignity and comfort is an honor and privilege! Love has such power.

As part of Mercy Ministry, Jing has been visiting three particular widows. She brings a meal and spends time reading to them from the Bible. We praise God that all three of them recently responded to God’s goodness and love in prayer by renewing their faith and hope in Jesus.

Although most find it difficult to read, we pray that faith will be stirred in their hearts as we speak truth and life into them through the Word! (Rom 10:17)

Nanay Tansya lives alone in the house we built for her. Link to Video and story She had an accident recently and hit her head hard on a rock trying to get Kalamungay leaves from a tree to feed herself. Thankfully, some people saw what happened and rushed her to the clinic. Each day she comes to Hope for the Island to have her wound cleaned. Please pray against infection!













We have the privilege of spending time with and serving many of the elderly in our community. Everyday you can see them by the road breaking rocks with a hammer. They sell the smaller broken rocks to construction companies.  This dangerous and difficult labor earns them some pesos to feed themselves. Each sack they fill earns them 20 pesos or about 50 cents.

Please stand with us in prayer for strength and good health for these dear elderly men and women.  Because they can’t put in a full day of work we help supplement their diet with vegetables and rice. Pray also for an open mind for the Word of God. It is often hard for them to understand or hear as we read to them. Their hearing and sight is failing. It can take them a minute or so to recognize us when we arrive to visit with them.


Pray for God’s blessing and provision to be upon these precious seniors that are the beloved children of God.


Hi there!

My name is Ryah. I’m a 3rd year BSc in Global Resource Systems student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I was wonderfully blessed to be Hope for the Island’s first farm intern! My three month internship at HOPE in Siargao (from May to July 2016) was truly one of the best times of my life—lots of hard work, but super rewarding.

At the Organic Farm, I observed first-hand the success of several sustainable agricultural techniques such as crop rotation, integration of livestock, green fertilizers, etc. I had studied these concepts before in school, but it was so refreshing to see them in action at an actual farm. I love how the HOPE farm produces fresh, healthy food for local Siargao communities in a sustainable way – it is good for both the people and the environment.

Over the three months of my internship, I learned so much from the HOPE farm family and I got plenty of hands-on farming experience such as planting and harvesting a variety of crops, removing weeds (“hawa” in Siargaonon), and shovelling/harvesting some good ol’ goat manure (excellent for the plants, but definitely not good for the nose – ha-ha). My Excel/Word skills came in handy as well to enhance the efficiency of record keeping at the farm.

In addition to farm work, I participated in HOPE’s Kids and Youth Ministries, sharing God’s love and His Word with others. It was such a blast to work with children and young adults in the Siargao community. In the process of ministering to others, I was also ministered to by the HOPE staff and established positive relationships with them; it was a great pleasure to work and serve alongside them.

Altogether, my experiences during the internship were invaluable; I loved getting to know the people and integrating into the Siargao community. I have gained so many wonderful friends and been blessed with plenty of treasured memories.

I thank God so much for bringing me to HOPE, it has been a huge blessing in my life; He certainly provided guidance and protection throughout my stay. I would also like to thank the HOPE leadership team and staff for their hard work and dedication in the service of the Lord and of their community, and for giving me the opportunity to do my internship in Siargao. I am so happy and grateful to be a part of the HOPE community, and I hope to go back to Siargao in the future!

Please continue to read how Ryah’s time at Hope impacted her family and our Hope family.

Hi, Derek and Jenn.

We would just like to thank you for giving Ryah the opportunity to do her summer internship at Hope for the Island.

She had a great time, learned a lot from the organic farm and the ministries, but mostly gained wonderful friends!

It is truly a blessing to her and we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to you and the Hope staff both in the farm and the compound for all your help and assistance during her stay there.

May the Lord’s blessings be upon you all always and all the best and more power to Hope for the Island! May the Almighty Father continue to bless many through your programs and ministries!


In Christ,

Eric & Lourdes


Hi Mr and Mrs Rondolo,

Thank you also for entrusting your daughter to us. You have done a great job raising Ryah in the Lord. She has a big heart that is evident in the way she served and loved while here. We pray God continues to stir her heart for missions and that what she learned here will impact her life and relationships back home. We also pray God leads her or someone like her to come back some day to continue to labor alongside us for the Kingdom of God! Scripture rightly says, that the laborers are few and the harvest is plentiful!

All glory and honor to Jesus!

In Christ


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Help us reach a new goal – 600 BAGS OF HOPE!!

Summer will soon draw to a close and we will look back on all the memories that were made.  With that goodbye to summer, you will say hello to September with the return to schedules and routine.

Part of that preparation is shopping for school supplies. We are asking you to consider those who will never have that opportunity but nonetheless have needs on a daily basis for such items. If each member of your family or workplace could put together one Bag of Hope we would be most grateful.

Your participation in our Bags of Hope has been such a blessing. We find the need for these blessing are increasing as God brings more and more children and families into our path. Each child or family that is blessed with a Bag of Hope is presented with the gospel and there is follow up with the family. It is incredible to watch as they realize all that is in the bag is truly theirs!

2 WAYS TO Bless a Child

  1. DONATE $30 per bag to cover contents & shipping.

Receive a tax receipt for each bag sponsored.

  1. SHOP & FILL YOUR OWN BAG – Click for contents org/bags-of-hope

No tax receipt issued.

Bags of Hope Gallery             Donate


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It is never an easy thing for someone to step out of their comfort zone and be bold in their faith. It takes knowing and trusting Jesus and a resolve to obey God.

Children in the island are often persecuted for their faith and shamed if they take initiative. Within scripture and even in many parts of the world today we see how persecution often causes a believer to be strengthened in faith and opens doors for God to move. I would like to share about 2 girls who are rising above adversity and walking out their identity in the Lord. 1 Tim 4:12 reminds us “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity”


Two young girls Laika and Janna, from our Kid’s Ministry recently attended the Heartline Seminar weekend at Hope for the Island.  See A Child’s Heart

Both of them were impacted deeply and were challenged to rise up in faith as God’s children. They have since been used by God to heal another girl who was sick. They felt God telling them to pray for the girl and before their eyes she was healed!

On another occasion they stepped out in faith and prayed for an elderly woman. She shared with us how blessed she was by these little angels.

Laika and Janna also gathered kids in their neighborhood throughout the week and taught them what they learned from the Heartline Seminar. Without any prompting, they took it upon themselves to share the fruit of what God did in their heart!

Pray that God will continue to use these and other children to bless the island. Please pray as well for Leah (Hope staff) who is mentoring them.


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Cristina currently lives with us in Cagayan de Oro and is studying to be a social worker. She longs to be better equipped to serve the Lord and meet the needs of those suffering. Cristina has matured in the Lord through the years ministering through Hope for the Island and has shown herself an approved worker (2 Tim 2:15). This update is from Cristina after her first 2 months of College…  Derek

Each day as I go to school I am amazed at God’s goodness and I still have a hard time believing this long time prayer to God has come to pass. God used His people to support my schooling.

I take serious the responsibility entrusted to me and am gaining so much knowledge.  I can already envision myself as a social worker.  Although I have been serving and meeting the needs of the poor through Hope for the Island, I will soon be better equipped to help those who are suffering, find the dignity they deserve.

It is even more heartbreaking now as I come to understand the real injustices that the people we serve face. Sadly the poor among us are not given the rights they deserve and are taken advantage of, oppressed and looked down on.

I know God put this burden in my heart and made the way for my schooling. I am excited for what the future holds! Please continue to pray for me.

Pray that I can handle the workload and that I can retain what I learn. Pray also for my exams that I can pass each subject.

Thanks and God bless!


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Serving children in need continues to be one of Hope for the Island’s most fruitful and rewarding ministries. We are thankful for the countless ways God provide the means and people with a heart to come alongside us to help local kids find hope and life in Christ!

Recently we hand picked kids from each area we serve that were ready to grow deeper as disciples. They stayed at Hope for the Island for a 4-day camp that changed their lives! We were honored to have Sheila Flores from YWAM Philippines come in to teach. Be encouraged by Sheila’s update below, as well as a testimony from 11-year-old Jean and a short video that one of our team pieced together to show the kids at the end of the camp.

Heartline is the kid’s version of Plumbline for youth and adults. It talks about our identity in Christ and was simplified to help them understand. The children discover their own heart through God given abilities to think, feel and make choices. They learn God’s heart for them in that He loves them and can protect them.

They learn His ways & character. Their hearts and minds were opened in regards to the lies that they believed coming from authority figures in their lives like their parents, teachers and friends.

Some of these authority figures did not reflect God in their life or know how to show love to these young ones.

They became aware of the deep wounds, pain and sin hidden in their heart. They also came to see the attitudes that built a wall in their heart because of the fear of being hurt again.

Each of the HOPE team led groups that provided the kids a platform to open up and share their heart. It was an amazing opportunity to watch God work. They received healing, forgiveness and in turn released forgiveness to those people that hurt them. God’s truth came alive as they accepted His affirmation and love for them.

In our last session we talked about the Father heart of God and what it means to overcome through power and character or through Christ when facing darkness, struggle and temptation. The kids learned how to walk in and display God’s incredible love.

Being a part of the Heartline seminar with the kids at Hope for the Island blessed me. It is great to see the lives of the kids being transformed, especially how they see themselves and how God sees them.

I believe that the truth revealed to them will give more confidence & freedom knowing their identity in Christ. The seed, which is the truth, will be their guide as they grow up & learn more from Him. I am hopeful that God will use the kids as instruments for others to know Christ and to be a blessing in their family, community and the nations in the future. I was also glad to see the Hope staff really do a great job ministering to the kids during small group times. What they’ve learned & received in Plumb line in the past helped them to connect especially with regards to the heart issues that came to the surface.  They became more responsible and I’ve seen the burden of God that they have for the kids.

I did enjoy my time at Hope for the Island, the people and the place that brought refreshment to me in many ways.

To God be the Glory!

Sheila Flores


campClick the picture to see the video

Testimony from Jean

Hi my name is Jean and I am only 11 yrs. old. I am so thankful to God for this Heartline seminar. I was able to open my heart and forgive my parents. My parents they leave me when I was still young and I have to stay in my grandmas. I was able to release forgiveness for the hurt in my heart and also see that God does have a plan for my life. I will now live free and in God’s heart for me. I am His child.

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Click on the Link….

Sit back for 3:53 and enjoy…..

 “The Latest Glimpse of Hope”


THANK YOU to our friend Derick Sebastian from Hawaii for his gifting on the ukulele with a rendition of Hope for the Island.