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JoyJoy is a 13 year old girl who is Makana’s friend. This young lady gave her life to Jesus a few months ago.  Her parents are Christians and live in Burgos.

JoyJoy recently started getting frequent headaches along with pain in her eyes and was vomiting. Her parents brought her to the doctor and heard the sad news that she had a brain tumor. They sought out a second opinion in a larger city and the diagnosis was confirmed. Her parents were faced with the challenge of coming up with 350,000 pesos, approximately $900 dollars, for an operation.

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My name is Makana and this is my testimony. When I was in my mother’s womb, my mom and dad moved to the Philippines. My parents were building the mission house and this flu was going around. My dad was working really hard and his body got too tired. He got a bad disease called M.R.S.A, which is the worst form of staff infection. My dad had boils all over and he was really skinny. My mom and dad felt they should go back to Canada for my delivery and also to get better care for my dad.

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From Jenn

As many of you know, I homeschool Makana and Brison. It has not been easy, especially since we live on such a remote island with no other support group nearby.  I have been hearing about homeschooling conferences for a few years now.  Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to attend a conference while here in Hawaii.  We shared stories and tips to challenge and motivate our children. I was truly inspired to keep pressing on with joy and expectation for what God has in store this coming year!

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I first met Zak & Kim Fast in February 2012 at a local church in Winnipeg. They were visiting that Sunday. Kim approached me after seeing a presentation I did that outlined what God was doing in the ministry on Siargao Island in the Philippines.   She asked me if we would accept volunteers to serve in the Philippines.

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Every time we step out of the Philippines, we face that season with the same heart as we do in ministry.  That is, trusting God and living each day by faith!  At every turn we are faced with a situation to rejoice and enjoy blessing through His goodness, or press on in trial all the while knowing God is there to sustain and grow us.   We are thankful for the challenges we face that stretch us and turn our eyes to Christ.  Our kids are also learning this.

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Mercy Ministry keeps us very busy at Hope for the Island. It is one of the ministries that God has used to bring many to saving faith in Jesus Christ. It can look different each day as we encounter those who need a touch from God.

We have a Danish intern couple, Simon and Stephanie at Hope for the Island. They arrived in February and will minister alongside our Hope team for a six month period. They have a heart for the Lord and their passion for kids shone through immediately. This has definitely been an answer to prayer about the need for more full time staff who are willing to carry the load in existing ministries and expand our Mercy Ministry.

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Derek, Jenn, Brison and Makana will be in Winnipeg this summer. They are here for a short time. We want to maximize their time as well give the opportunity for friends and family to see them. Please keep your calendar open for an opportunity to see and hear from them at our Fundraiser Evening.  We will be contacting you to give you additional information.

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Derek recently turned 38. His birthday celebration was delayed a week when he was stranded in Surigao City because of bad weather and big waves. When he returned, the weather cleared on Sunday for our staff to have a special bonding time with the Surfer Youth Group around the northern tip of our island. A fun day was planned with lots of eating, which is always a blessing during rainy season when food is scarce. The guys all enjoyed time in and out of the surf.

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Jenny is from Australia and she visited Hope for the Island a few years ago as part of a team that brought water purification units.  She recently returned to visit and gave of herself in a new and exciting way for us!

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Every year it is a heartbreaking reality that those families we minister to may experience the death of a loved one. It can be due to a variety of illnesses or diseases.

One particular girl named Indy in Kid’s Ministry asked for prayer for her mother Narda. One of our Hope for the Island staff followed up and was shocked when she visited their home and saw how thin the woman had become.  This woman and her husband chop and sell fire wood. The rain and bad weather has made it difficult to get wood and then dry it. In addition to this, the mother claims that she has only slept a few hours in the last three months.  

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