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Jing has served at Hope for the Island for 10 years. She is currently doing her DTS (Discipleship Training School) at YWAM in Manila. The following is an update from her:Jing 2013

I am always grateful to God for those of you who have been my partner in prayer in this season of my life. One of our YWAM lectures about the heart and all the issues surrounding it broke me before the Lord. I got a clearer picture of my spiritual walk and many past hurts surfaced. Although painful, God used this to show me that for a long time I was still living in the dark.

Thank God for this time of refreshing and bringing me into His light so I could shine it to this dark world. I feel like a new person as He healed these root issues.  I have lived with so many insecurities, trying to hide behind them by doing more ministry. I am grateful to have time like this to press into Him without any distractions.  I feel so free and want to shout how good is our God that He never gave up on me! I can now witness boldly about God’s goodness and love without any awkwardness because it is real in my life.
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God is so real to the children here. When we arrive in the villages each week, the kids are so excited to see us. They run alongside our truck calling out our names ready to give us local flowers and hugs.
Christmas programs bring much anticipation as the Ziploc Bags of Hope arrive. Your love and care in packing these blessings bring big smiles and squeals of joy. For many of them it is the first time to have a real toy and quality school supplies. They say thank you so many times to us and we tell them that many people on the other side of the world love, care and pray for them. We are so grateful for your generosity whether you physically packed a bag or donated so we could fill one. Most of these children are poor and face daily struggles because of it. Blessings even though practical and simple bring such joy and excitement for them.

As we look to the year ahead please keep these kids in prayer. Attendance varies from month to month. Some families left for other parts of the island because of political problems. Read more…

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Joyjoy is a young lady who continues to inspire us. She could so easily be discouraged by her very trying trip that was 10 hours away by land and sea where she sought medical attention. The doctor who examined her made it clear to her and her family that Image_Newshe has no hope apart from surgery for a brain tumor.

JoyJoy and her parents did not have peace that surgery was the best option. She knows very well that her hope is set in the right place. Her hope is anchored in the one who gave her life and provides strength and joy to face each challenging day.

We are blessed and inspired daily by this young girl who has her eyes and heart fixed on Jesus. As you pray for her, also ask the Lord to stir in our heart this kind of faith, hope and love that is not dependent on circumstances.

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  We ask you to continue to remember those in the Philippines who are trying to rebuild their lives. We are thankful we were able to serve them and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.