Hi there!

My name is Ryah. I’m a 3rd year BSc in Global Resource Systems student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I was wonderfully blessed to be Hope for the Island’s first farm intern! My three month internship at HOPE in Siargao (from May to July 2016) was truly one of the best times of my life—lots of hard work, but super rewarding.

At the Organic Farm, I observed first-hand the success of several sustainable agricultural techniques such as crop rotation, integration of livestock, green fertilizers, etc. I had studied these concepts before in school, but it was so refreshing to see them in action at an actual farm. I love how the HOPE farm produces fresh, healthy food for local Siargao communities in a sustainable way – it is good for both the people and the environment.

Over the three months of my internship, I learned so much from the HOPE farm family and I got plenty of hands-on farming experience such as planting and harvesting a variety of crops, removing weeds (“hawa” in Siargaonon), and shovelling/harvesting some good ol’ goat manure (excellent for the plants, but definitely not good for the nose – ha-ha). My Excel/Word skills came in handy as well to enhance the efficiency of record keeping at the farm.

In addition to farm work, I participated in HOPE’s Kids and Youth Ministries, sharing God’s love and His Word with others. It was such a blast to work with children and young adults in the Siargao community. In the process of ministering to others, I was also ministered to by the HOPE staff and established positive relationships with them; it was a great pleasure to work and serve alongside them.

Altogether, my experiences during the internship were invaluable; I loved getting to know the people and integrating into the Siargao community. I have gained so many wonderful friends and been blessed with plenty of treasured memories.

I thank God so much for bringing me to HOPE, it has been a huge blessing in my life; He certainly provided guidance and protection throughout my stay. I would also like to thank the HOPE leadership team and staff for their hard work and dedication in the service of the Lord and of their community, and for giving me the opportunity to do my internship in Siargao. I am so happy and grateful to be a part of the HOPE community, and I hope to go back to Siargao in the future!

Please continue to read how Ryah’s time at Hope impacted her family and our Hope family.

Hi, Derek and Jenn.

We would just like to thank you for giving Ryah the opportunity to do her summer internship at Hope for the Island.

She had a great time, learned a lot from the organic farm and the ministries, but mostly gained wonderful friends!

It is truly a blessing to her and we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to you and the Hope staff both in the farm and the compound for all your help and assistance during her stay there.

May the Lord’s blessings be upon you all always and all the best and more power to Hope for the Island! May the Almighty Father continue to bless many through your programs and ministries!


In Christ,

Eric & Lourdes


Hi Mr and Mrs Rondolo,

Thank you also for entrusting your daughter to us. You have done a great job raising Ryah in the Lord. She has a big heart that is evident in the way she served and loved while here. We pray God continues to stir her heart for missions and that what she learned here will impact her life and relationships back home. We also pray God leads her or someone like her to come back some day to continue to labor alongside us for the Kingdom of God! Scripture rightly says, that the laborers are few and the harvest is plentiful!

All glory and honor to Jesus!

In Christ


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Help us reach a new goal – 600 BAGS OF HOPE!!

Summer will soon draw to a close and we will look back on all the memories that were made.  With that goodbye to summer, you will say hello to September with the return to schedules and routine.

Part of that preparation is shopping for school supplies. We are asking you to consider those who will never have that opportunity but nonetheless have needs on a daily basis for such items. If each member of your family or workplace could put together one Bag of Hope we would be most grateful.

Your participation in our Bags of Hope has been such a blessing. We find the need for these blessing are increasing as God brings more and more children and families into our path. Each child or family that is blessed with a Bag of Hope is presented with the gospel and there is follow up with the family. It is incredible to watch as they realize all that is in the bag is truly theirs!

2 WAYS TO Bless a Child

  1. DONATE $30 per bag to cover contents & shipping.

Receive a tax receipt for each bag sponsored.

  1. SHOP & FILL YOUR OWN BAG – Click for contents org/bags-of-hope

No tax receipt issued.

Bags of Hope Gallery             Donate


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It is never an easy thing for someone to step out of their comfort zone and be bold in their faith. It takes knowing and trusting Jesus and a resolve to obey God.

Children in the island are often persecuted for their faith and shamed if they take initiative. Within scripture and even in many parts of the world today we see how persecution often causes a believer to be strengthened in faith and opens doors for God to move. I would like to share about 2 girls who are rising above adversity and walking out their identity in the Lord. 1 Tim 4:12 reminds us “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity”


Two young girls Laika and Janna, from our Kid’s Ministry recently attended the Heartline Seminar weekend at Hope for the Island.  See A Child’s Heart

Both of them were impacted deeply and were challenged to rise up in faith as God’s children. They have since been used by God to heal another girl who was sick. They felt God telling them to pray for the girl and before their eyes she was healed!

On another occasion they stepped out in faith and prayed for an elderly woman. She shared with us how blessed she was by these little angels.

Laika and Janna also gathered kids in their neighborhood throughout the week and taught them what they learned from the Heartline Seminar. Without any prompting, they took it upon themselves to share the fruit of what God did in their heart!

Pray that God will continue to use these and other children to bless the island. Please pray as well for Leah (Hope staff) who is mentoring them.


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Cristina currently lives with us in Cagayan de Oro and is studying to be a social worker. She longs to be better equipped to serve the Lord and meet the needs of those suffering. Cristina has matured in the Lord through the years ministering through Hope for the Island and has shown herself an approved worker (2 Tim 2:15). This update is from Cristina after her first 2 months of College…  Derek

Each day as I go to school I am amazed at God’s goodness and I still have a hard time believing this long time prayer to God has come to pass. God used His people to support my schooling.

I take serious the responsibility entrusted to me and am gaining so much knowledge.  I can already envision myself as a social worker.  Although I have been serving and meeting the needs of the poor through Hope for the Island, I will soon be better equipped to help those who are suffering, find the dignity they deserve.

It is even more heartbreaking now as I come to understand the real injustices that the people we serve face. Sadly the poor among us are not given the rights they deserve and are taken advantage of, oppressed and looked down on.

I know God put this burden in my heart and made the way for my schooling. I am excited for what the future holds! Please continue to pray for me.

Pray that I can handle the workload and that I can retain what I learn. Pray also for my exams that I can pass each subject.

Thanks and God bless!


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Serving children in need continues to be one of Hope for the Island’s most fruitful and rewarding ministries. We are thankful for the countless ways God provide the means and people with a heart to come alongside us to help local kids find hope and life in Christ!

Recently we hand picked kids from each area we serve that were ready to grow deeper as disciples. They stayed at Hope for the Island for a 4-day camp that changed their lives! We were honored to have Sheila Flores from YWAM Philippines come in to teach. Be encouraged by Sheila’s update below, as well as a testimony from 11-year-old Jean and a short video that one of our team pieced together to show the kids at the end of the camp.

Heartline is the kid’s version of Plumbline for youth and adults. It talks about our identity in Christ and was simplified to help them understand. The children discover their own heart through God given abilities to think, feel and make choices. They learn God’s heart for them in that He loves them and can protect them.

They learn His ways & character. Their hearts and minds were opened in regards to the lies that they believed coming from authority figures in their lives like their parents, teachers and friends.

Some of these authority figures did not reflect God in their life or know how to show love to these young ones.

They became aware of the deep wounds, pain and sin hidden in their heart. They also came to see the attitudes that built a wall in their heart because of the fear of being hurt again.

Each of the HOPE team led groups that provided the kids a platform to open up and share their heart. It was an amazing opportunity to watch God work. They received healing, forgiveness and in turn released forgiveness to those people that hurt them. God’s truth came alive as they accepted His affirmation and love for them.

In our last session we talked about the Father heart of God and what it means to overcome through power and character or through Christ when facing darkness, struggle and temptation. The kids learned how to walk in and display God’s incredible love.

Being a part of the Heartline seminar with the kids at Hope for the Island blessed me. It is great to see the lives of the kids being transformed, especially how they see themselves and how God sees them.

I believe that the truth revealed to them will give more confidence & freedom knowing their identity in Christ. The seed, which is the truth, will be their guide as they grow up & learn more from Him. I am hopeful that God will use the kids as instruments for others to know Christ and to be a blessing in their family, community and the nations in the future. I was also glad to see the Hope staff really do a great job ministering to the kids during small group times. What they’ve learned & received in Plumb line in the past helped them to connect especially with regards to the heart issues that came to the surface.  They became more responsible and I’ve seen the burden of God that they have for the kids.

I did enjoy my time at Hope for the Island, the people and the place that brought refreshment to me in many ways.

To God be the Glory!

Sheila Flores


campClick the picture to see the video

Testimony from Jean

Hi my name is Jean and I am only 11 yrs. old. I am so thankful to God for this Heartline seminar. I was able to open my heart and forgive my parents. My parents they leave me when I was still young and I have to stay in my grandmas. I was able to release forgiveness for the hurt in my heart and also see that God does have a plan for my life. I will now live free and in God’s heart for me. I am His child.

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Click on the Link….

Sit back for 3:53 and enjoy…..

 “The Latest Glimpse of Hope”


THANK YOU to our friend Derick Sebastian from Hawaii for his gifting on the ukulele with a rendition of Hope for the Island.

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4 day Youth Discipleship Training Camp


Over the last few years, Hope for the Island has been praying about ways we can creatively adjust to the drastic changes that have come to our once sleepy little island.

The surf has drawn in people from around the world. With the influx of tourism centered on the party and bar scene, incidence of crime and other negative influences has skyrocketed. This has created a strong lure for the kids and youth we serve each week.

Unfortunately we have seen many lives destroyed because of naive choices and boredom. Easy Internet access with no parental guidance has also added to the temptations these young ones are bombarded with. Continue to pray for us as we seek to be relevant to the staggering needs surrounding us.

From Jing:

A 4 day Youth Discipleship Training Camp was coming up. We searched out different places throughout the island to find a quiet place, without any distractions, where we could focus fully on the Hope for the Island youth.

We prayed for a place away from their home so they felt free to let down their guard. Most places are crowded over the summer, but with God’s favor, we found a place far enough away from Allegria beach where we do weekly Kids Ministry. On the property there was a small 2-person room.  We squeezed 15 girls inside and the rest slept in tents.  The boys slept in hammocks, tents or under the kubo (a small roughly built hut) where we had our teaching sessions. It was perfect, especially that the weather cooperated and there was no rain. God is good!

Monday morning was orientation followed by the lecture time. Topics covered during the camp were Quiet time with the Lord, Why do I exist? Forgiveness, Praise and worship, Fear of the Lord and the final day was on Baptism. Each day the youth grew deeper in their understanding of life changing Biblical truths and it ended with us going to the ocean where 11 young people chose to obey God in baptism!! It was an amazing time!

During ministry time at Hope for the Island we always make time for personal testimonies.  It is important to declare what God speaks to us and give opportunity to apply God’s Word.  It not only solidifies what God is doing, testimony declares God’s goodness and encourages those listening.

The topic of forgiveness was heavy to receive and there were few willing to share. Some who had breakthroughs with walking out in forgiveness did eventually share.  As God worked, we patiently waited. Some gathered the courage to open up about deep hurts and wounds that are ongoing in their family. Many tears were shed and hearts opened to the power of forgiveness.

As is our practice, we will do follow up visitation with the youth. We will privately help them walk through this process of healing.  Follow up visits will also be done with those who took the bold step of baptism.

We are so grateful for the anointing and wisdom God provided for us to teach and guide these vulnerable youth to newness of life.

Hope staff are very thankful as well for God’s goodness and for Him using people to support ministry opportunities like this. Budgets for each ministry enable us to hold these events.  These are times that these young people will never forget.  Seeds of truth were planted and they encountered God in fresh ways.

One youth girl asked us to thank people who give so generously.  She said without help to attend she would not have experienced God in such a real way. Glory, honor and thanksgiving to our God who made all things possible!!

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Hope for the Island is located on a small island with little to no opportunities available for training or seminars.  Our leadership has been praying for ways for the team at HOPE to receive further equipping and training that will in turn grow the ministries entrusted to them.  God answered prayer through a friend who invited Hope for the Island to Surigao City for ministry training focused on kids’ ministry, performing arts and worship. God not only provided the means for our staff to attend but we were able to bless all the youth assistants who volunteer each Saturday with an all expenses paid trip to attend as well.  Praise the Lord!

Here are some testimonies from our team…


This seminar was an important experience for me and challenged me really hard. 200+ participants attended and there were only 2 comfort rooms (toilets) and no water most of the time. We had to go out each day at 4 a.m. to find a place where we could shower. Food portions were very little and we sleep on a floor together with everyone. The whole seminar was very challenging and I am so thankful to experience that struggle because God reminded me how very blessed I am at Hope for the Island.

I need to be more grateful with everything God provides for us each day personally and for the ministry. Thank God I was able to lead a group teaching children during our outreach. We had such a blast during the praise and worship. It was amazing to worship God with so many others who are also involved in ministry like us. Thank God for people who supported us in prayers and finances that enabled us to go!!


Mary Grace:

I thank God for the opportunity to grow in my giftings and be used to lead a group during outreach.  We met many new friends that share in God’s call for missions!                                                                 


I was so blessed, refreshed and encouraged through all the topics that we’ve learned through the training seminar




God rebuked me hard this time when we went through the topic of facing the giant. Most of the time that I face something big my normal reaction is to run away or react, but God reminded me to face the giant with Him. That is what I am called to do. I was challenged and rebuked. I thank God I was also one of the leaders of a group. I initially thought I was only going to be one of the participants but God allowed me to lead in His strength.  Thank God for opportunity to share my life and lead other youth that I met for the first time!



During seminar God spoke to me through the life of David. Although he was only young God used him mightily. And so like David, I too am only young and God reminds me to make myself available to be used by Him. That is great!



God is always faithful!  He sees the heart of His children and He reminded me through the training that He is the I AM THAT I AM. The training was a great time of being filled up, restored strength, and refreshment in His presence. I learned more about being a leader. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet other leaders who have also been leading for a while.  We were able to pray, encourage and counsel one another. Thank God for the way He allowed me to lead out in new ways and serve where there was need. It was a great time for us all to experience such incredible ministry equipping. My prayer is to send more youth to this training next year.


Some great testimonies that bless my heart as their leader at HOPE!  It encourages me to continue to seek ways for our team to grow for His glory.  With that said a new and grand opportunity was provided that would only fuel the fire even more!  Our family will be taking the ministry staff from HOPE up to Manila the first week of June.  We will be attending a massive discipleship conference that has international speakers coming in from around the world. Check out moveydc.org for details and be praying for us!




My name is Anna and I recently led a Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Maui School of Biblical Foundations and Missions Team (SBFM) to Hope for the Island.

Hope for the Island is an exemplary example of what it looks like to serve and worship God in every facet of your life. We, as a team, had the privilege to serve alongside the staff and live life with them for two whole months.

We had the expectation to come serve, teach and disciple the staff and community, but as we did, we were served, taught, and discipled by each of them too. Our team was greatly impacted by the staff- their testimonies, their lives and the way they pursue God authentically and passionately.

I believe that Hope for the Island portrays what Jesus has always intended the body of Christ to look like; their lives reflect Jesus and they display His heart so beautifully all throughout the community. Whether we are visiting with the widows or playing with children, the confidence in Jesus that they carry and how the gospel has changed their lives is evident and God is glorified. Because of our time at Hope for the Island, I can easily say that none of us will ever be the same. We were inspired, encouraged, challenged and sharpened everyday. Read more…

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Nermilyn Oraba (Nerm) is a special part of our HOPE family. She grew up in our Kids and Youth Ministry. Nerm, like most of our staff, now lovingly cares for, mentors and leads kids and youth from similar situations to hope found in knowing Jesus!

It has been our goal over the last few years to send out staff from our little island for additional schooling and equipping. Nerm was the third staff member we have sent to YWAM (Youth With A Mission.)

DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM offers 5 months of growing deeper with God during lecture. That is followed by 3 months of outreach exposure to other nations to apply all that has been learned.

Growing up in a small island, most people do not venture anywhere beyond some neighboring islands.

Nerm’s experiences will be carried with her for a lifetime. She will bear more fruit as she continues to serve and share Jesus’ love back at HOPE. Here is her story…

From Nerm’s heart:

I am thankful to God for the opportunity that He has given me to go through YWAM’s discipleship training school (DTS). Wow amazing! God really changed my life!!!

God used each circumstance, relationship and teaching to mold me. I thought to myself before going, that I am already in ministry and not sure if I will push through with plans to take a break from HOPE for training in YWAM. I was wrong and am so happy God opened those doors for me!

I thought I had it all together and was free, but God gently revealed my brokenness and hidden areas of unforgiveness. My spiritual eyes were really open to the truth of God’s Word and condition of my heart.

God challenged me to be vulnerable with Him and to release everything. I was surprised by the hurts, hatred, jealousy and self-pity that still affected my life. Although I went through trainings and heart healing times with God in the past, I didn’t really deal with the root.

God’s presence was so real as I walked through this. I deeply wept, repented and was released from the bondage that comes by holding on. It was really God’s timing for me to encounter His fresh love and grace and find freedom that comes through Jesus alone.

I learned to be thankful in every aspect of my life. I also gained confidence in who I am in Christ and not to justify my shyness. This was especially true in spreading the good news of the Gospel in challenging environments. God put a confident boldness in me. I really experienced it during our outreach to other nations. I’m blessed that our team was able to go to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. We taught English, served and loved others.

These travels and experiences were very new for me. As the nerves started rising, God spoke to me again. He said, “Don’t depend on yourself. Depend on me alone!” Outreach was the time that I was able to apply everything that God had been leading me through during the lecture phase. He gave me boldness to step out in faith and share His love in many places. The Holy Spirit was promised as my helper and He worked in and through me.



This season of my life was a great privilege and a life changer. Thank you God for my Hope for the Island family who  supported this time for my training and equipping. May the Lord continue to bless our lives so we can be a blessing!