Answer To Prayer

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We love spending time with the elderly widows. We always receive a warm welcome when we visit.

They feel forgotten and hopeless, often neglected and left to tend for themselves. We remind them that God loves them and so do we. Time is spent praying for them, listening to their struggles and concerns and reading aloud God’s Word. Many can’t read because they are uneducated or have failing eyesight.

Lola (Grandmother) Alber came to our Bible study this week!  She is a widow that is known as a local faith healer. One of the other widows asked her why she was attending because she looks to other spirits not God. She replied, “Its ok, I want to listen to the Bible because I know it is a message from God.”

She stayed till the end and joined in during prayer. This is a big answer to prayer. She is responsive and wants to be part of the widows group, even requesting we visit her!

Please pray she will confess and turn to God rather than to other spirits so that God can bless her life.











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