About Hope for the Island

Hope for the Island was founded in 2001 on a relatively small teardrop shaped island in the Philippines known as Siargao.

Carved out of the jungle you will find a place that has become a beacon of hope for many. It’s a place that blossomed out of seeds planted in love. Intentional acts of love and compassion created a movement touching lives and restoring hope.

Most of those who are currently serving full time at Hope for the Island were impacted in one way or another through the years and now commit their lives to help others in surrounding communities encounter hope.

LOVE is what inspires us to weather the storms and persevere with passion. Our vision at Hope for the Island is rooted in Love! From familiar yet often neglected verses in the Bible we find our mandate (Matthew 22:37-39 / Jn. 13:34). We are called to reflect the love we have for our Creator in the way we live out and reflect Jesus love to His creation. Opportunities to choose and act in love are endless.

By stepping out of ourselves in faith, we create an environment where hope is found, love is nurtured and lives restored. (1 Cor. 13:13) Each person no matter the deeply oppressive or hopeless situation they are in, is designed for a purpose. Through our community based programs, education and sustainable development we labor to relieve the pressures of poverty and empower locals for a brighter and blessed future.
And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
Matthew 22:37-39

A new commandment I give to you ... just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.
John 13:34

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

Hope Ministries

Kids & Youth Ministry - Discipleship Training

Mercy Ministry - Purified Water Project

Malnourished Kids - Scholarship Program

Hope for the Island Organic Farm

Did You Know?

Interesting facts and figures about Siargao Island and Hope for the Island.

Mission House

Read about Hope for the Island's Mission House and its history.

How It All Started

Find out how Hope for the Island came to be.

Hope Staff

When God gave us a vision for HOPE we always held it very loosely knowing it was God’s ministry; a ministry entrusted to us to lead and be a good steward. We also knew that the success of HOPE was dependent on the locals who caught God’s heart and invested their lives to carry the love and hope of Christ to their own people. After many difficult years, questions as to our motives and a lot of observing whether we were sincere and true to what we preached, God brought local believers to work alongside us for His glory. It has been amazing to walk hand in hand with my Filipino brothers and sisters who have caught God’s vision and heart for their own people. In submission to God’s way and His lead each staff at HOPE are fulfilling God’s call and using their gifts to advance His Kingdom!

Short Term Missions

Hope for the Island hosts short term mission teams. In the past we have had teams come in from Philippines, Canada, United States and Australia! Each team whether big, small, old or young have been able to use their God given talents, gifts and experiences to make a difference. It is always a blessing to have people partner with us to spread the love and hope of Jesus! If you are interested in serving please contact Derek, the Director of Hope for the Island Philippines at byfaith65@hotmail.com.

Contact Us

2310-1873 Country Club Drive Kelowna, BC V1V 2W6
(204) 894-4673 (HOPE)


  • Encouraging knowing that God’s love is an extension to others.

  • It is so inspiring to read this story. God is the Healer and a Miracle worker. We must continue to pray so that more of His children may receive this kind of powerful healing in their lives (both at the spiritual & physical levels). So glad to hear about this awesome miracle! May your Ministry continue to receive bountiful blessings and experience countless such miracles!

  • I feel privileged to be part of what you are doing there. I have many feelings about the Philippines. There are many Filipinos working where I live.  Some I have known for more than twenty years. They are such a great addition to our Canadian society.  They seem happy to serve, are grateful and friendly. I think we owe these people. I really feel such a kind society must have a special place in God's heart too and I am sure you are helping them achieve their destiny. I pray for continued love for the people you serve and for your lovely family.

  • I know that missionary work takes a strong mental toll and the work is never ending, trusting in God only, to give you daily strength.

  • What an experience - we have been blessed by our HOPE brothers and sisters. Their hearts for Jesus, obedience to the call, and genuine passion for serving others is truly moving. We are thankful for the opportunity to learn and work alongside such dedicated followers. We will miss your friendship, yummy cooking, the awesome surf, and most of all your smiles and laughter! Thank you for everything, you are in our prayers."

  • I have been greatly moved by the work that Hope is doing & I pray they would continue to have a great impact on their community as well as those of us here with the resources to help them.

  • Thank you for serving our King.

  • I will keep this ministry in my prayers as I continue to run the race towards Christ. I think I may be back soon, God willing.  Great place to grow and step out of my daily work life.

  • We are so happy that we can be a part of helping Hope for the Island.

  • Soooooo awesome. Thank you so much for letting me stay and enjoy this place. Your hospitality was terrific! Never will forget this place, your family and the impact you are having on this joyful community!

  • Cool ministry, awesome group/ family - Love the strategy of the ministry. Derek and Jenn are well adapted, perfect for this island!

  • May God continue to bless this ministry which continues to impact so many lives both here and abroad.

  • Needless to say we are incredibly blessed to see a young couple/family serving the Lord with their time as well as their resources. It is with joy that we forward our donation.

  • We have been excited to see the way the farm is developing and the different growth areas among the staff and the students who are having opportunity to attend school.  That is awesome and something we had been praying for. We were truly touched by your ministry and impacted by the way we saw God using you all.  I told the church when we got home that of all the ministries, mission trips etc. that we have been involved in, yours was the one where I saw God and the love of Jesus lived out the most clearly.  So thank you for that.  I, for myself have really tried to take some of the ministries that you have and Canadianize them.  I really felt that God wanted me to spend more time visiting and praying with people.  As you know, in Canadian culture people struggle with that and admitting even a need for prayer, healing or help.  But when I asked God what He wanted me to learn and see from our trip that was one thing that was so clear.

  • This is the way of God and not the world – that we both can be blessed in giving and receiving and that our gifts become bigger than what was given.  Ultimately it is God that we must be grateful to, both for the opportunity to give and the opportunity to receive, regardless of how large or how small, and that he would put people on this earth such as Derek and Jenn that give us the opportunity to be blessed.

  • Truly God is good in spite of all the evil in the world.

  • It is a blessing to serve at Hope. From the moment I met Derek I caught the vision and God’s purpose for HOPE. In that first ordained meeting, I knew I was to serve my brother Derek & Jenn as my King’s approved workers. It is written that there is a friend closer than a brother. Derek has always been that to me, wise counsellor and beloved brother. Though seas and lands my separate us, we will always be close in our vapour of this life and the eternal salvation we shall share together worshiping our King forever.

  • God Bless! I cry when I visit your website.. Sad & Joyful tears. So many needs, but making such wonderful headway.

  • It has been an excellent time with your Hope family. Many blessings and prayers.

  • We feel blessed to have the opportunity in a very small way to be a part of the Lord's work together with you- A HOPE donor.

  • Aloha Hope for the Island, I want to thank you for allowing me for 2 weeks to be part of your family. It’s amazing to see the effects of your ministry and how it has in a large way transformed so many lives. The kids truly love Jesus and your staff is so loving and giving. I would have to say God has changed my heart in a deeper way after being allowed to be part of your ohana (family) - may God richly bless you in all ways abundantly.